Sunday, January 11, 2015

Darling Dear is moving to Squarespace!

Hello, dear ones!
I'm finally making the big move! I've been out of love with blogger for ages now and I felt it was finally time to go ahead.
Now, there might be some glitches over the next week or so as I am having everything switched over. And for those of you subscribed via GFC (Google Friend Connect), sadly that doesn't transfer. However, if you'd like to pop over to bloglovin, those feeds should transfer.
Otherwise, if you'd like to read the blog from now on, please pop over to and give the new site a look! All of the posts that are on here are being moved over too, yay!
If you have any questions or problems over the next little while, please don't hesitate to either email me ( or tweet me!
Thank you for your patience and for being so awesome! I can't wait to play on the new site with you all!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Living Simply in 2015 // Ideas for Resolutions & Goals

2014 marked an enormously stressful and chaotic year for me. In fact, it was more of a grand finale of the chaos & insanity that has been the last three or four years. College, personal life, work, running (and sometimes failing) businesses, etc. it has all been completely exhausting. 
89% of the stress has easily been my fault. I take on too much and put myself last on every list I make. Which is why this year, I plan on changing that. This year, my goals are simple, completely achievable and not difficult. 

I need more me time during the year. I've taken quite a bit over the last couple weeks, and it's helped so much. But imagine if I took a few minutes every day for me-- bliss. Just 30 minutes a day, sometimes broken into two different chunks, to do things that relax me and that I love: yoga, reading, sitting quietly and relaxing my mind, taking a walk, journaling, etc. 

I got quite a few books for Christmas-- score! Biographies, Non-Fiction, Fiction, etc. There aren't many, but I'm not counting either way. The more rules I place on things like this, the less likely they are to get done. So I'm going to read those from Christmas & if I finish more, then yay! If not, oh well. There's always next year. 

I'd love to specifically say I'm going to get X amount of issues out this year, but one of the things that I'm trying to do is forgive myself if I don't get every single thing done and learning to let go. So I'll aim for once quarterly, and go from there. 

I took a knitting class over the holidays & I'm getting close to finishing my first project ( a dish cloth). And while I have quite a few projects I'd love to get done, my main goal & the one I'm most excited about is knitting a blanket. <3 

This is the only goal I'll have that will be a little more strict. But it's because for Christmas, my gramma got me a year's subscription to Which, I'm super excited about and can't wait to take classes from some of my favorite designers, typographers, photographers and crafters out there. Never stop learning & always have fun xx 

And that's it, darlings. Those are my goals for the year. Nothing intense like "work out every day, all day, amen." or super strict like "running 60 miles in X amount of minutes by THIS date". This year is all about slowing down and living simply and I cannot wait. 
What are your goals like this year? xx 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pretty, Pretty Christmas & My Favorite Parts of 2014

So, Christmas was amazing. I've super enjoyed having a couple weeks to just relax, be with my family & enjoy myself. I also loved being able to read, learn to knit & watch lots of movies.

Favorite parts of Christmas:
+ getting Great-Gramma's old crochet bag & tools (which I'm going to be using for knitting)
+ watching scary movies with Bryan & my parents
+ my sister making chocolate syrup & biscuits
+ Bryan & I reading our new books by the fire
+ eating all my parents' food
+ staying up super late with mom and dad
+ crafting
+ winning the ugly sweater contest. <3

This year in a whole has been kinda bananas. But my favorite parts have been: 

+ saying I love you for the first time (yuck, I'm the grossest) 
+ finishing college 
+ getting a job RIGHT out of school (yeah, I'm smug) 
+ crafting days with my mom 
+ going to the ballet with Bryan for my birthday 
+ working at a local magazine that I love 
+ finally getting Bryan to read a book! 
+ quit smoking 
+ finding the amazingness of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. <3 

What were your favorite parts of Christmas & 2014? xx