Thursday, January 5, 2012

Darling Deer

Ok, so I know I warned you about my new and almost obsessive love of deer. Well, I suppose what I didn't tell you was that it's become a problem. My entire computer is littered with snapshots of deer, links to deer jewelry, etc. So I decided to litter zeh blawg with it too. But really, how can you blame me? They're beautiful. 

These lovelies are here. Meanwhile, I've also taken to creating quite a few treasuries the past few days. Which, I feel is going to become another deeply seeded addiction. Yay for the New Year's New Addictions! 

As for her, I know I've posted her before, but she's slightly updated since I think I'm going to be turning her into a greeting card soon. Y/N? Not really sure yet. But more on that later, I suppose.
I'm also currently working on some lovely little things for Valentines, so be looking for that.  Have a wonderful day, darlings!

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