Friday, January 6, 2012

Found Friday

And to introduce one last "daily": Found Friday. Which, serves as a round up of all of the interesting and dashing little bits I find during the week.
This week, I've been attempting to gather things that I don't think everyone has heard of/seen. At least, I hope not.

For instance, I've yet to hear these amazing men on the radio. And I, for one, think that is a huge shame. Well, kind of, heh. But anyway, I first heard this song quite some time ago. And after falling madly in love, I looked and looked for more from them. Nothing. And until recently, that was the case. But now they have an entire album out and might I just say, gorgeous. 
Then there is this:
This beautiful little shop has apparently just opened. And I feel that I'll be stopping in rather often.
And then this:
Ok, I lied. This one isn't new. BUT, it is something that people have asked about. It's an online to-do list deal. And normally, I like to do things with pen and paper and be done with it. But for the amount of time I spend on the computer and on my phone and away from pen and paper, it's actually kind of nice to be able to just flip it on and mark things off as I go or add things quickly. Because if you know anything about me, you know how horrid my memory is, hah. And so far, this really seems to help. 

And to finish up, just a few new blogs and shops I've fallen for: (These are not new to anyone else, I'm sure. But I just stumbled on them, heh.)
Chocolate Butterbean.
Eat Drink Chic.
A Beautiful Mess. 

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