Friday, January 20, 2012

Found Friday

It's been a rather long week, I'll say. Classes are back in full swing and work is as always, lovely but mildly exhausting. Meanwhile, I've found some really lovely things this week that kept me going. Here are a few that I felt needed to be shared:
-This. Because my darlings and I are getting healthy.-

This little puppy. My heart stops every time I look at him. 
Mad Men. 
I have known about the show for a while, obviously, but I hadn't really realized what it was and had never watched an episode until now. And honestly, I feel betrayed. Why did no one tell me? "Zie, 1960s, advertising, sassy folks, scandal, gossip." --That's all that had to be said and I would have been devoted from the start, hah. But it's alright now, I'll just catch up and move on in my life. 
Oh, goodness. THIS. ALL OF IT.
Hot Diggity Dog.
And then there is this beautiful place. Not something that's new, but it's such a magical, wondrous place. It's a hot dog and burger joint in Nashville, TN, close to my local art store. So every time we go get our little art fix, we have to get our hot dog fix. For any locals, my personal recommendation: the Texas Dog, no onions, with cheese fries. However, be prepared to grab tons of napkins. 
What have you guys found that you love this week? Another other locals to Nashville have any favorite little joints I should add to my list of places to go? 

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