Friday, January 27, 2012

Found Friday

This week has been one filled with icky-sickness and cold, rainy days. And from what I understand, I'm not the only one feeling a bit... under the weather. So here are a few things that I found this week that helped cheer me up, that will hopefully help you all, as well. 

Look what came in the mail! My mother always knows how to cheer me up!

Absolutely everything on this site

And a few lovely links:
--Ten Paces and Draw for enormously inspiring posts. 
--Super helpful tutorial on lettering and creating a texture digitally. 
--And then there's this little shop that has a little discount code going on. ;)

What about you? What did you find this week?

OH! And I almost forgot. I'll just leave this little gem here...

1 comment:

  1. The flu is going around. Ick! Hope you feel better soon! (That GIF is just scary..haha!)


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