Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making Monday (A day late) & Shop News

Yesterday, I had a full day of classes, Mad Men, and getting the shop up and running. So of course, I completely forgot it was Monday until late last night. So I decided to move around the days of the week and pretend that today was yesterday. So, happy Monday, darlings. ;)
But speaking of the shop, it's back open now! Obviously, it has had a bit of a face-lift and a little name change, but it is finally open again. It took longer than I had hoped, but life is sometimes a bit more than expected.

And now all of these are currently listed. I hope to have more things up pretty quickly. I'm still trying to find my tools so I can finish making the necklaces I have, and then I have some prints and more greeting cards to share.
But anyway, in order to celebrate the new store, returning customers, and new ones alike are welcome to join in on a 10% discount going on now. (Jan 24-Feb 15) Just used the code "DARLING" at checkout.
Meanwhile, I've also been working on a few other little things.
This is just a little thank-you card that I've heat-embossed to include with orders. And I've got something else that I've made to stick in with new orders... but that is a secret... for now. ;]


  1. You are so darn clever!! You have to have to, pretty pleeeeaaaase do some tutorials! x

  2. Those cards are cute! As well as the journals. I need some new business cards so i love seeing everyone's ideas.


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