Monday, January 2, 2012

Making Monday

Hello, m'dears. Another oddly warm-ish day in January and I'm still sipping on my McDonald's hot chocolate. Because they are lovely and it should be lovely and cold outside. Though, I hear we should be expecting a nice frosting and perhaps a good snow this week. One can only hope.
Meanwhile, on this warm-ish Monday, I'll be starting up my new "Making Monday". Just something to help me stay motivated and help me cross one thing off of my list.
#7: Make something new (craft, paint, etc.) at least three times a week. ---A pretty reasonable thing, I think.
This week, I've been working a good bit on my designs for the blog, etsy, and some of the other bits of interwebbing that I play with. But I also did some little doodles for possible Holiday cards for next year.

And then this little Darling Deer, whom I actually rather adore. I've actually, and quite suddenly, I might add, fallen completely in love with deer. Not really sure what it is, but for the time being, just assume you'll be seeing a good bit of deer themed things when you visit this little blog. :] 
But anyway, I also wanted to include some beautiful little things that are really inspiring me right now for things I eventually want to make. 

This because I'm desperately wanting to make a pie filled with the yummiest of berries. And maybe a smoothie on the side. And of course, some on my fingers so I can just gobble them up. 

This. Have you seen this? I want to make this so badly it almost hurts me. I love the kitschy feel to it and I cannot imagine a better piece of beauty on the door to my bedroom. I just can't.
Which of course leads me to wonder and ask, what are you making?
Meanwhile, I am heading back to Nashville in a few days and need to start packing. Until next time, my lovelies.
OH, and PS: If anyone knows how to help this poor little gal out... I haven't the slightest idea how to make the posts shorter and less image heavy with that lovely little "read more" option... Help?


  1. Those holiday card ideas are to die for. AND I am loving deer too...I even painted one!

    I can help with the read more option...When you are writing a post you will see a little icon that looks like a torn piece of paper. Click it and it puts a break/read more option wherever your curser was.


  2. Oh, goodness! Thank you! I'm going to go fix that now :]

  3. Ok so when I am on your home page (not this individual post page) and click the older post link in bottom right it thinks I am trying to tweet about it and takes me to a twitter page. Strangeness!

  4. I see that now. I'm contacting the lovely folks who supplied the template. Thanks!


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