Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tried This Tuesday

After my last Tried This post, I've had quite a few questions/comments in regards to heat-embossing & stamping. And like I promised Miss Samantha, I'll be doing a tutorial on heat-embossing pretty soon. However, I had a few questions asking if that was my only method of stamping.
The answer is no, I have a couple of different things I use. One being this lovely little Petal Point by ColorBox. It's a chalk ink, which in short, means it dries quickly and has a lovely little texture that I adore. Each color slides out and can be used on any stamp. (For bigger ones, I recommend flipping the stamp upside down and inking down onto it.) Now, I know a lot of people buy the individual stamp pads, but for me, I'm cheap and if I can get almost every color I'd ever use in one go... Welp, that's what I'm going to do, heh.
Meanwhile, I've finally found my Holga again. Which apparently still has three photos left... So this week, I've been trying to use those up on pretty things (not just junk, again, I'm cheap and hate wasting film) and then finding a place that still processes the film. Anyone in the Nashville area know of a place?
And then there are these. Now, I've had the headphones for quite a while, but wanted to share this little spool guy. It's a rubber headphone holder-deal, so I can finally have a tangled-free life. And I think the bright blue headphone cord really makes it look pretty cute. (Headphones from Walmart--CHEAP, maybe $10. Are we starting to see how cheap I am? Hah. And the spool I picked up at work--PaperSource.)
What did you try this week?

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  1. That's a good idea for the stamp pad. I need more colors other than brown, black and purple. Ha! And i love that color of the Holga. Mine was black and i painted it. As for developing the film, it's hard to find places these days that do it. My local place charges way too much so i think i'm gonna have to find an online send-off place next time. What a shame...


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