Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feeling kind of Valentine--y

Happy February, everyone! As many others, with the little pink and red holiday coming up, I'm starting to get a bit excited about it. So I wanted to dedicate this post to showing off a couple of lovely little things I've found for Valentines! 
All of last month, I used Rebekka Seale's little calendar. And now here is this month's: get it here.
Um, I fully plan on wearing bright pink tights pretty much all month. And perhaps I'll find some balloons like this.
And now, for some shameless self-promotion. ;)
Over in my little shop, I plan on celebrating Valentines with a bit of a sale//discount. Just use the code "DARLING" at check out. Lots of little Valentines cards and little gifts for that special someone. And everything is under $10! :}
Meanwhile, what have you all found for this little month that you love?


  1. I'm feeling rather Valentine-y already as well. And that first photo is great!

  2. Thank you for making me go in search of Mandy Lynne on the net. Boy am I glad I did!


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