Monday, February 13, 2012

Making Monday

It has recently been pointed out to me that I never really post my drawings, etc. And as I'm an illustrator above all else, that's a bit silly. So this week, I wanted to dedicate my Making Monday post to little doodles, works in progress, and a few finished bits.
These are the same doodle, but playing with different color schemes//moods. I'm thinking about creating a little story of the going-ons in the house. We'll see.

And then these are part 1& 2 of a sequential piece, for my illustration 2 class that I'm working on. There's one more to come, and I'll post that when it's finished. 

Meanwhile, I'm really inspired by this:

Even if it's super creepy, hah. Perhaps I'll do something with it soon. What are you making this week? 


  1. Love the colors of the first house best, and I am really loving your work for class.
    Such a talent you are.

  2. That gif is super creepy! But yet, i agree, there's just something about it that is magical.


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