Thursday, March 1, 2012

Illustration Madness

Forgive the complete lack of posting this week. Between my parents being in town, class (it's midterms), and work I've been a bit swamped. So, I'm sorry about that and hope the next few weeks are less busy.
Anyway, for my illustration class, we are starting up a project that will take up the rest of the semester: a 32 page, fully illustrated book. And I honestly couldn't be more excited! Now, I will say, I wish I was able to write my own story to illustrate, but we have to pick a pre-existing story from the public domain.
And I've chosen this one: A Sad Thanksgiving Party.  I liked how odd it is, and all of the imagery that popped into my head when I read it. But it's basically a little poem about poor Mr. Pug.
He's just a rough little sketch from my sketchbook, to help me get a bit of a mood/theme down. But then I'm also looking at other work that really inspires me for this:
Jon Klassen is one of my favorite illustrators, but his work with Coraline was always my favorite, and I've been looking at these a lot lately and really like the minimal, understated kind of spaces. Which, is something I'd like to focus on for this project: the space, as opposed to the heavily character driven works that I usually do.
And the lighting in this one! Oh, mercy! And then there are these lovelies: 
So there's all of that. I'll be posting progress of the project every so often and any other artists/works that I find really inspiring for it. 
Until next time, m'dears!

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