Monday, March 5, 2012

Pancake Pantry: Or, A Pretend Foodie Crit

So recently, I realized that while I can't cook, I adore food and I'm really just a frustrated foodie. If you look at my twitter, you'll see a good amount of my life revolves around all of my favorite food places, new places I've tried, and the lack of food in my fridge. So I decided to share a bit of that here, with you. 
Like I mentioned before, my family has been in town this week. And this weekend, we took a little visit to a local place: the Pancake Pantry. It's pretty popular and has been featured on quite a few shows/blogs/magazines and is a pretty frequent stop for tourists. Which is why in the two years I've lived in Nashville, I've avoided the place. That and the line! It's out the door most days just to get a seat! Too much for me. 
But my parents had already been once and wanted to go again this week. And after they went on and on about the pancakes, I caved. And thank mercy we went! Even the orange juice was amazing.
And we all got the "medley" with a side of two buttermilk pancakes. Potatoes, cheeses, peppers, ham, onions (and normally tomatoes but ew, no.) all cooked up nice and crispy and then they put two fried eggs on top. UM. Can we talk about how amazing that was? My mouth is watering again just thinking about it.
And this is where I stopped eating. I was so full I couldn't even move. And then mom decided to jack some of my amazing pancakes. But I didn't have the energy to fight her. But anyway, the pancakes are made from scratch and honestly, I can't even begin to describe how lovely they were. I'm not typically a fan of pancakes, but these were just perfect.
Even the jam and toast was yummy! (though, those two bites you see here were the only ones I took. I was too distracted by the other stuff.)
But, while me and mom (right) struggled to eat half, dad (left) ate every single bite. I was honestly worried about his health. However, the little old lady that served us was pleased with him, and thought mom and me were wimps, heh.
Meanwhile, if you're local, or if you're planning a visit, I honestly recommend making time to stop in. We went on a Sunday mid-afternoon (around 2) and there wasn't a line. And we got our food pretty quickly. I give it 5 stars.
So here's my first attempt at a food crit, heh. Until next time, m' dears.


  1. Nice blog. You might be interested in a post I did on my current favorite kitchen utensil - a jar key.

  2. Yes please! We'll go when i visit Nashville, k? ;) Oh, and i tagged you in a post on my blog!


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