Monday, April 16, 2012


Hello, darlings. This week promises to be even more busy than any thus far. Oh, joy. With finals in less than two weeks, work, and now planning a prom for my sister (details on that soon to come...) this week is going to be rough. And at such a horrid time, too! Because...

Pottermore is open to the public.

Guys, I had this reallllly long and nerdy post typed out, and then I decided that I should probably spare you all. But I still want to share a small bit of my excitement here, hah. 

YEAH, SON. I honestly was a bit surprised but there it is, folks. J.K.R. herself made the test, so it's rather accurate I'd say. 
My wand.
It's taking over my entire life. 

I didn't blur my username for a reason, folks. ADD ME :} But just let me know on here (or via twitter) who you are and what your username is so I can nick-name-ya. LET'S DUEL. 


  1. Have you told your dad about this?? :)

  2. Haha! I was like this when I first got my account, tbh I haven't been on it for ages. My username is AccioWalnut26 :D


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