Sunday, April 1, 2012

Things I love...

Hello, m'dears! Hope your weekend has been as lovely as mine. No, I didn't get really anything productive done, but I did get a bit of sun, enjoyed the lovely weather, and spent time with some of my favorite people. So I'm just popping in as the sun goes down on this beautiful Sunday.
Today, a couple of us found a new Mexican restaurant. (For locals, it's off of 4th downtown. Cannot remember the name of it, but it's got a huge sign. Heading away from Broadway.) And it was realllly cheap and actually pretty good. But afterward, we made it over to Ben & Jerry's. Took a baby walk, sat around watching all of the cool kids run while we munched >.< 
And then, this week, we've been celebrating the darling girl in the back's birthday. Yes, when I said "this week" I meant all week. We took her out on her actual birthday to a coffee shop she likes, then to the park. And then the next day, we had a girls' night and went to a lovely little place for dinner. And a couple days ago, we had a small little party for her where we listened to Elvis. And people ask me why I love this odd group of kids? (Yes, this is possibly the worst picture any of us have ever taken... ever.)
And again today, I got this awesome text from my sister. Apparently our great-grandma wanted my sister's sunglasses and how can you say no to someone that adorable? So obviously, this is gran rocking her new look.

And then lastly...
I decided instead of celebrating April Fool's, to start up on the Photo A Day challenge. So here's day one: reflection. Not the best picture of me, but I think that's the point, right?
So what did you do this weekend? And is anyone else participating in this challenge? I'd love to see what everyone else is doing. :]


  1. I had a relaxing weekend as my best friend came back from uni!
    You look so pretty! I love your hair. I've started this challenge too!

  2. Um, your grandma is the cutest! That must have been the best text ever. And i agree with Meeshxo, your hair is gorgeous!


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