Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finally home!

Hello, m'dears! We finally made it back late last night. The drive was sooo long and enormously boring, but we did alright. But now that I have internet and free time, I wanted to share the rest of our little trip with you. 
Here a few little shots of all of my favorite sweets from the trip. & Trust me. We had a ton of sweets. But anyway, 
1: Free raspberry cake at our favorite diner as a "going away" present. 
2, 4 & 5: The best strawberry milkshakes ever (also from that diner). 
3: Baked goods from Back in the Day Bakery 
 We spent two evenings at the beach. We'd shop and explore all day & then head over to the beach around 5, which was perfect because most of the people had already left, and it wasn't too hot. The water was lovely, as well. In the 3rd & 5th pictures: two different jelly fish washed up right in front of our spot. My sister took nearly a thousand pictures of them, I'm sure. But that's me holding one (pretty sure it was still alive, because it was pulsing---so nasty, but cool.) and the other was definitely dead. (And for anyone who was concerned, I set the one we think was alive back into the water.)
And here's a round up of some of my favorite parts of the trip. 
1 & 2: One of the most wonderful book stores I've ever been in.  Books to the ceiling, lots of little nooks & books ranging from really old, and priceless to vintage to new. (Though, the "new" section was the smallest in the place. As it should be :D ) 

3 & 4: That wonderful little diner we found really close to our hotel. SO cute & the staff was wonderful. We went three nights in a row & I'm not even a little ashamed of that. By the last night, we were like old regulars. They had our table already fixed up for us & they knew our order (creatures of habit and all that). They called us by our names & we talked like we'd known each other for years. I'm not going to lie... I already miss them. 

5: Those beautiful boys. *le sigh* 

6: The first day of driving. We had so much fun listening to my play list I'd made and making all of those little stops. I've never had so much fun on a road trip before. 

Trin & I agreed to make this a yearly thing. Though, next time, she's taking me & we are going somewhere less hot, heh. 

(And for anyone curious, I used instagram & photo grid for the pictures.)


  1. Ah it all looks so good. I need to go on a roadtrip I have never been on one. I'm too precious and pathetic haha but I WILL DO IT ONE DAY. Thanks for the pale makeup tip, i'll try the benefit one out. it's never easy for us paper-faces
    Ashley x

  2. The sweets and the bookstore look amazing! And you've got me craving a strawberry shake :)

  3. Those sweets look delicious!

  4. Dream. Trip. Still so jealous of it. Just sounds perfect all around.

  5. Those milkshakes. That dessert. That trip. Holy smokes, it looks amazing!


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