Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mood Board & Blog Bling

Darlings! I've missed you! I've been away for a bit. Finals got really crazy there, with my show and all, and then there was a personal... well, something that was enormously unpleasant popped up this past weekend. But now, I'm back. How have you all been?
Meanwhile, I wanted to share my mood board for this spring & summer. I don't always make mood boards... but when I do, they tend to be pretty girly. :}
And so, with my mood board in mind, I wanted to re-bling the blog a bit. (Say that five times fast.)

And some close ups of the new sidebar, etc. Hopefully you all find this easier (and prettier) to navigate? But anyway, I'm interested in what every one else does for mood boards? Do you have one? What's it look like? Does it exist in a notebook? Or on a wall? Or on the computer? I'd like to see! :D


  1. Love your new design! So cute!

  2. Lovely layout, the reindieer is so cute!! :D The only time I've done a mood board was in my art classes :)

  3. Oooh, pretty! I love your designs. So simple yet elegant.


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