Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Road Trip--Part One

Hello, all! I'm currently sitting in the hotel room in Savannah, GA. Yes, that's where I ended up taking her. Yesterday, our hotel didn't have free wifi and I'm too cheap to pay, hah. So here's our first day on the road: 

  1. On the way to our first stop, Asheville, NC. Where we went to this plant museum (Trin likes plants) which had some of the most beautiful gardens! 
  2. Trintge being a goober. She likes "interesting" angles apparently.  
  3. Though, the flowers were quite pretty... 
  4. Again, goober.
  5. My favorite part of the garden. It was so quiet and peaceful. It was kind of sprinkling and so everyone else left in a hurry. But it never actually rained so it was just beautiful. 
  6. Our snack time in the car.

Then we went actually into Asheville & wandered about a bit. We had some yummy ice cream from this little shop & then stumbled into these guys. They're a group of American boys who lived in Ireland for most of their lives. And I will just say this now... I'm in love. Especially with the boy in the blue. I'll be drawing them soon enough, I'm sure.

And then, once we got into Columbia, SC, we got a hotel with a Waffle House right next door. I hadn't been in nearly 8-9 years, so we walked over and had a huge breakfast. It was actually pretty yummy. 

Meanwhile, I'll post today's adventure sometime tomorrow! 


  1. nice blog you have here, glad i found you!
    Ashley x

  2. Nice blog you have here, glad I found it!
    Ashley x

  3. They lived in Ireland? :3 They're super cute, and the braces are super sexy ;) The breakfast looks so yummy.


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