Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello Monday: Making of My Week

Hello, my darling dears! I hope your weekend was as lovely as mine :] Saturday I spent most of the day watching Ancient Aliens & OLD Project Runway reruns &  Sunday was spent getting caught up on cleaning & knocking off things from my to-do lists. What did you guys get into?
Meanwhile, Saturday I posted a picture of my to-do list on instagram. & after sharing it with Tumblr & Twitter, I had quite a few people asking about my little planner. 
So I decided to do a quick little post to share a few more details of my planner. It's basically become my life in the past few months, and as I'm the kind of gal that likes to make lists (even a list of my lists, heh)... and even more so, likes to have a pretty list, I love this book. & Thus far, I've not found anything that combines the practicality that I need with the prettiness that I want. 

  1. Martha Stewart and I have an odd relationship. I'm normally a pretty big fan of her and her products, but occasionally, it's more of a miss with me. But when I heard she was opening a line of office supplies (thanks, Mom), I jumped in. 
  2. The whole book is hers, and what I love about it: 1. obviously the colors & sweet design, 2. you can pick and choose what goes in it, 3. the size of the binder--- it's medium, not too big, not too small ;) 4. and these sticky notes she has. I LOVE THESE STICKY NOTES. 
  3. I have a section in the binder that dedicated to my "daily" to-do. On the left hand side, it's my week in a glance (that I designed & printed out) & sticky notes of things I need to remember. 
  4. I designed & printed out a customizable "daily" to-do. Everyday, I just print it and pop it in with some lovely tapes. It's divided into: design, 9-5, around the house, dailies (vitamins, workout, etc.), and Darling Dear. Just so I can have separate lists & not feel quite so overwhelmed when looking at one realllly long one. 
  5. A lovely little pocket in the front & my favorite Sharpie pen.
  6. & then the monthly view. I use tape to mark out a few days that I'm going back to Nashville. And then there are the little plans for blog posts this month. This is my first month trying to plan this far ahead for posts, and I think it's going to be wonderful. 
But I'm curious what everyone else uses to stay organized? Do you have a little book? Or just pen and a notepad? Or do you use something on your phone, etc? If you have links of helpful ideas or tips, please leave them in the comments! :} 


  1. Wow, this looks so neat and organized!

    I don't keep organized. At all. Maybe I should start though :P


  2. So, I'm basically the exact same way. I have lists of lists - it just goes on and on. Which brings me to how insanely in love I am with your planner! It may sound crazy, but I normally spend a few weeks at the beginning of the year scoping out the best planners - this year I went with a personalized planner from Much Ado About You. But, I think next year I'm going to have to go with Martha!

  3. Such a cute planner! I'm using a molskeine diary this year, but it is not really colourful enough for me! I'm gonna have to find a way of prettying it up! :D

  4. Your planner is lovely and you've definitely given me some ideas to clean up and stay organized with mine. I keep everything in my hot pink Filofax (here!:, though I'm constantly playing around with what works best

  5. This planner is awesome! And I am also a crazy list maker! I recently wrote a post on how I stay organized (including my iphone apps), hope some of these tips help!

  6. Oh my gosh! I love this planner! Lately I've been writing lists on index cards and putting them in my pocket. Less than ideal. Where did you find such a magical planner?? I have yet to find the just right planner. (Hence the index cards...)

  7. The colors are lovely. And yes, those sticky notes are great! I have a couple planners that i bought in Europe but sadly, i don't use them. I just don't have the time. Oops!

  8. This planner is adorable! I've been keeping all my notes in a scruffy notebook but this looks far more organised! x

  9. Your planner is so cute and organized! I might just have to pick up some of the Martha Stewart sticky notes for my planner!

  10. I LOVE your organiser, Zie! I was pleased with my simple black Moleskine, but after seeing yours I'm a little jealous. I use mine every day, often! Love that you plan your blog posts too, I usually use my Blackberry to do that, but I may have to start writing it in my diary. Handwriting is always better!


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