Saturday, June 23, 2012

How To: PicMonkey

Hello, sweetlings! First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for the overwhelmingly wonderful & kind support and response to "It's Paper, Dear." I'm so blessed to know such beautiful people.
Which is why I'm posting today. I always get asked how I make my picture collages & where I found/how I made the arrows and whatnot that I use in my blog posts. I'm a design student, and so everyone assumes that I use Photoshop or Illustrator or something else like that. But in a small thanks for yesterday, and all of your continual support, I'm going to let you in on a little secret...
I don't use a "designer program," I use PicMonkey
Yup, someone's going to report me to design student police, I'm sure. But let's face it, folks. Most of us don't have the time (or desire) to edit photos & make pretty designs for every single post, every single time. I sure don't. Now, don't get me wrong, I use my PS & Illustrator like every other design kid but for editing for a blog post, why not speed up the process? 

To start with, there are three main features that I love. 1. It's free. 2. It's super easy to edit an individual photo, and then to create a collage out of your images. 3. The tool bar. It's easy to use, and shows a little picture that kind of relates to what the tool does, so it's helpful if you're not familiar with photo editing programs. 
When I first start editing, I usually try and see if there's something horrid that needs to be taken out, as in this photo. I use the "clone" tool to take it out. It takes some practice, but play around a bit, and you'll get it :]
I also love that it gives you more specific options under main edits. For instance, the above is a selection of three different options you can use under "Cross Process".
And here's where most of the questions I get come from. How do you make your arrows? Where do you get your arrows? Etc. Well, here it is, folks. It's just a shape you select, drop in & edit til you're happy.
Also, you've got cool(ish)/kinda cheesy things like textures, which I've never used, but wanted to show you for anyone who may be interested in that kind of thing.
So there it is, folks. Just a quick tour of some of my favorite bits of this little fun part of webland. So what do you think?
What do you guys use? This or one of the other online programs or something like Photoshop?

ps... The photo I used was taken on my trip to Europe a loooong time ago. And no, that is not actually my room. Just me being wishful, hehe. 


  1. I love PicMonkey! But isn't the clone feature something you have to pay for?

  2. My Dear friend,
    Thank you for sharing.. I want to make some old effects to my photos. Or I want to apply some filters for example diana F filter or lomo Filter. May I make these effects with tihs program..
    I haven't got Diana F camera..:-(
    Thank you again. And happy happy weekend...

  3. Oh my gosh, THANK YOU! I have been looking for something ever since Picnik went away and have been using Pixlr, but this looks better :) What an excellent post!

  4. I've heard about picmonkey, but never really played with it. Definitely planning on trying it out more after this post :)

  5. this is awesome! i've been looking for a new editing program and i'd ever heard of this, i'm on the site now. thanks! Lx

  6. never heard of it, looks cool though! I should check it out :D


  7. Picmonkey is THE BEST! I discovered it a few weeks after Picnik shut down and it's even better! I've edited and designed everything on my blog using Picmonkey. It's fantastic :) I haven't tried the clone feature yet so I'll be trying that out soon!

  8. Hi Zie! Thanks so much for your sharing your PicMonkey love. We certainly won't turn you into the design police. Big hug from the Monkey!

    Cheers, Brenda - PicMonkey team


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