Thursday, June 21, 2012

Illustration Friday: On Thursday?

Yes, yes. I know.  Zie, it's Thursday. Illustrations are supposed to be on Friday. Yes, but tomorrow I'll be sharing some really big news on the blog, and so this post was moved forward a bit. And since I've failed the past few weeks at posting any illustration work, I really wanted to share what I'm working on right now.

This is a work in progress, based on a little short story that's been bubbling around in my head lately. It's really rough, which I like, but it needs a ton of work. Next I'll refine it a little, clean up the shading, and then add some color and textures. From there, I plan on illustrating the character that lives in this little house. 
Who/what do you think it is? What do you think happens in a house like this? & What is everyone else working on this week? 

pst... be sure to check back tomorrow. seriously... big news folks. ;)


  1. I love this!! You are so talented. Can't wait to hear the news tomorrow!

    As for me, I'm on vacation this week so I am not working. Yay! Prior to that, I was getting everything ready to go for a summer program I'm running in July.

  2. To me, i would think a perfectly fine gentleman mouse lives there. A mouse of a noble nature. And his brother, a swashbuckling adventurer. Together they live there and their stories are held there...
    but that's just me.... :)
    Love, Mom.

  3. I think this is just adorable!! :) What a sweet drawing. And I'm excited for your new tomorrow!

  4. WOW I really love this! You are so talented, lady! :D




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