Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Paper, Dear.

*deep breath*
Hello, my loves. For the past few weeks, I've been hinting at some "big news" that I was excited/nervous to share with you all. And yes, I've been enormously vague. But until today, I wasn't ready to go into detail. I've been a bit silly & superstitious with it all, but it's finally ready. But first, a little back story:
As a child, I was always excited for back to school time, if only because of the beautiful pens and pencils, the smell of new books, and the crisp feel of notebook paper. Even now, I often find myself wandering into paper stores and office stores just to grab a new pen or a new journal. (And my friends can attest that they've had to drag me out by my hair more than once, heh.) 
But I’m not alone. I’ve discovered quite a few people who are just as excited about paper goods as I am, and possibly even more so. Other people who get giddy over paper bits & pretty pens. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to launch a monthly subscription box all about paper goods in order to share our obsession and our passion. Because honestly, what could be better than “back to school” coming once a month? 

"It's Paper, Dear." ---What? 
This is an idea that my mother and I came up with not too long ago. (It was honestly close to 65/35, on her part. Thanks, Mom!) And I'm so excited to finally get it going. And as for the name: I'm sure many can relate, but I am often asked "What is that?//Why do you need that?" And every time I've explained this to those wonderful people who support me, but don't quite understand, they just smile and nod their heads, thinking I'm nuts, I'm sure. And I wanted to play on that. So to anyone who receives a box and is asked something along the same lines, they can answer in kind: "It's Paper, Dear." 

And while most of the box will change month to month, there will be some repeating monthly features: a pretty journal for you to doodle, write, and/or collage in. A lovely pen or pencil for you to play in your new journal with,  and pretty tapes and office goodies.
But let's not forget the paper...
Everything from note cards to recipe cards, to book marks to book plates. From templates to create the loveliest envelopes on the planet, to DIY paper projects. From stickers and stamps to labels and collage sheets. From scrapbooking and smashbooking supplies to stationary to write darling letters. And it keeps going.
(Are you getting excited yet?)

Which brings us to how you can get your hands on one of these little boxes of paper goodies. Currently, there are two subscription options: 1 month & 3 months and following the posting of this, I'll be uploading both options to the etsy shop for immediate purchase. And with the first box being shipped the second week of July (8th-14th), and limited supplies, you'll want to grab yours quickly!
And because I'm so excited to finally be starting this, the first five people to buy either package, will get an extra hand-made gift added into their box. :]

So there it is, my loves. The big news. I'm starting my own little business (beyond just an etsy shop) & I couldn't be happier or more nervous. And honestly, I couldn't do it without my mom. So thanks, Mom. :] 

What do you guys think? What would you do with a box full of wonderful paper goods? 

pst... do you make/sell/collect paper bits or office goodies and want to be a part of this? send me an email at: for more information. 

EDIT: Yes, these can be shipped internationally! Just send me a message with your country so I can calculate accurate shipping & I'll set you up a custom listing :] 
For other questions, please either email me or message me on twitter, or make sure you leave a way for me to reach you in the comments! Thank you :] 

UPDATE-- If you're currently stumbling on this post, thank you for stopping by! I get questions often enough about IPD. Just to be clear, IPD has been shut down while I try and finish school & start my career. Thank you so much for your support! xo - Aug/2014


  1. Oh wow, what a fabulous idea! I LOVE paper goods and getting mail! I will definitely purchase one when money isn't so tight and I feel like treating myself :)

  2. So, SO awesome! What a GREAT idea!

    I love paper. I love writing. I LOVE writing (snail mail) letters! So fun. Yup - great idea. :) Congratulations!

  3. This idea is seriously KILLER! Its like birchbox for the paper/notebook people. I love it! Such a clever idea. Good luck with your new venture!

  4. I'm in love! No seriously I totally relate! I horde school supplies. I have yet to meet a notebook I dont like. I'm so excited about this! Every August/September I find myself wandering the back to school aisles.

  5. Thats a great idea dear! I love paper things.

  6. I went through so many emotions in seconds there. One, i'm seriously excited because I too have an obsession with all things stationery (i'm starting a new course which is done from home but i'm still buying new folders, notepads and pens!). Secondly I went through panic, it's in dollars which means I can't get it because i'm in Scotland...thirdly, relief I seen on your etsy shop that you're happy to ship internationally WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!


  7. Hey! New reader here via BBN :) love the look of your blog, I can gather your bubbly personality already!! Excited to get to know you :) love love love this idea!! Question...will you be shipping to Canada?

  8. This is such a fabulous idea! I'm super excited because finally a box that includes all the little paper things that I love!

  9. great idea. I love paper and paper supplies. I just purchased the one month version.

    best of luck for your new business. have a sweet day.

  10. I love this idea! I will definitely be ordering my subscription soon!! :D

  11. This sounds fantastic! I LOVE paper goods and pens and pretty tapes and ahh! This sounds like so much fun! I'll definitely be taking part in this in the near future. :) Thanks!

  12. Oh this is SO cool but will it be international or US only??

  13. Zie, that's so cool! Congrats on this! (is that appropriate to say?!)


  14. Fantastic!!! And so so exciting!! I LOVE it!!

    Congrats and Hooray!

    xo Jenny Holiday


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