Sunday, June 24, 2012

Simple Sunday

Hello, darling dears. After such a hectic & emotional week, I've done my best to relax this weekend. Friday: yoga. Saturday: crafting with my family. & Then today... 
I've spent the morning and afternoon enjoying time with my journal and my coffee. I always feel better when I have quiet time like this. It helps me organize my thoughts & quiet my worries. That and listening to some lovely tunes never hurt :]
What I'm listening to: 
Us; Regina Spektor
Hot Knife & Werewolf; Fiona Apple
Radio, Diet Mnt Dew, Blue Jeans, Video Games; Lana Del Rey
Lose Your Soul, Pa Pa Power; Dead Man's Bones
Backwards/Forwards, Adeline, Clementine; Sarah Jaffe

What do you do to relax after a hard week? & What are you listening to? 
Have a lovely rest of the day, my loves. 


  1. THAT is a fantastic way to spend a weekend. Most specifically - your Sunday. Just the picture of journal + coffee sets me at ease.

    :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Your photos are so soft and romantic.. I like your photo technique..
    Beautiful Sundays...:))

  3. I think writing is such a good way to figure out your head. When I have an issue to figure out or someone I need to talk to I write it all down in a letter and it makes me see things so much more clearly. Right now I am listening to my boy play poker. Love Elle xo

  4. lovely pictures and that journal is too pretty!

  5. I'm definitely listening to Missy Higgins after a long day at work! And I'm loving Regina Spektor too at the moment! :D HMF


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