Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's in My Bag: Slimming down

Happy Wednesday, my darling loves! How is everyone's week going? Mine is not bad, really. Though, I really should invest in a coffee maker. Any (cheap) but good ones that you guys use?
Meanwhile, it's summer here. And my favorite part about summer is simply how light it is. Yes, the weather can be suffocating, but we counter that with fruity drinks, simple meals (like pasta salad), and light clothing. Summer dresses, guys. Summer dresses.
And I've recently started doing the same with my bags. I mean, who really wants to feel light and girly to only be weighed down with a huge purse filled with mostly unnecessary things? Not this girl.

And what's a better way to lighten your load then switching over to a little clutch & limiting what goes in? 
During the months (normally school months) that I carry large bags, I'm weighed down with books, journals, tons of pens, odd bits of make up, my phone, ipod, laptop, art supplies,and what ever else I've convinced myself I need to take with me. But during summer, I just bring a few things.  And that just makes everything feel better. 
But I'm curious what everyone else does during summer to lighten it up? And what (if anything) can you not leave at home?


  1. I love these pictures. So simple but so bright and visually lovely :)

  2. I do love that purse, and I agree with Oh hello, Love - great photos.

    During the hotter months I tend to manage with just my phone, house key and cash in my short pockets. Or if not, a small over the shoulder bag will suffice. I hate being brought down by heavy bags, especially when I'm boiling!

  3. So cute! I carry around too much junk!

  4. Love the color scheme here! I also scale down in the summer, though I bring my planner everywhere so my bag is bigger than yours. Do you really carry nail polish with you?

  5. Your clutch is amazing with pearls... I never like big bags with many things in it. Your summer bag is perfect. I like your choice..:))
    Sunny days.. x...

  6. Oh this is so cute!

    I carry with me a big leather bag with somethings nothing (aka only wallet) in it :') It doesn't make much sense, but it's the only bag I have. Appearantly I'm not like all the other girls, haha.

    I could be doing a post myself sometime. I like this one =)

  7. I love the colour of your wallet! I don't really lighten my stuff. The English summer is usually and extended winter with plenty more rain :(

  8. omg love your clutch :)



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