Monday, July 16, 2012

Guest Post: Bree

Hi Lovelies! My name is Bree, and my little corner of the blog world is called The Thing About Joy. I am SO excited to be here with you all today, guest posting for the lovely Ms. Zie! I adore her blog, style, and feel like we could be besties! Our love for paper goods and Mollie Makes- yes we would get along great!
Today I am going to share my office space with you all! You guys are the first to see this, I haven’t shared it with my blog readers yet –Lucky You!

So first off, you will find that I like to keep myself surrounded by things that inspire me! And the two main things that inspire me and my style are Color! & Vintage. You can see a post I recently did on my color inspiration here.
  1. My inspiration books! I always have several sketchbooks on hand. The two that you see are drawing books, but I also have a mixed media book. I want to get a watercolor book, I’m starting to use them and I love the look! Also here is my SMASH book! <33 And I have my Doodles Unleashed book by Traci Bautista & Creative Doodling & Beyond by Stephanie Corfee – both are amazing artists that inspire me!
  2. Colorful Markers! These are super cheap, one day I hope to have prismacolor ones, but these work for fun stuff. Plus I love the way they’re displayed so I can see color! <33
  3. My organization folder for my blog. I have created pages that help me stay organized through each week, and a page for my stats of the week and extra space for me to draw or write things that inspire me.
  4. My Mollie Makes magazines!!! <33 These magazines are sooo inspiring. And I see on their website that there are two magazines that I haven’t seen that are newer than the one I have… Um.. must find these asap!
  5. My fossil watch boxes. I love how cute and vintage these look and love to display them and keep cutesy things in them.
  1. Artwork by me. I think its important to display things you’ve created! It keeps you motivated and says hey, you’re a great designer! Because looking at other peoples designs all the time you will start to put yourself down. So I like to remind myself of things I’ve created that I love.
  2. Mason Jars! <33 I have them all over, and these ones contain colorful buttons, white lace ribbon, and mini letter stamps.
  3. My electronics! My fabulous HP computer my husband got for us. I use it mostly…and he is amazing for spoiling me. <33 And my white iphone! Loveee… I need an iphone case for it though. Why are they so expensive? Gotta go on an amazon hunt!
Well- that about sums up my office space! Keep things around you this week that will inspire you and challenge you to be creative! One of my favorite quotes, “Create Something Beautiful Everyday.” I hope you’ll stop by my blog and find more things that inspire you!
Happy Monday!!
Thank you so much, Bree!


  1. Yay for the Iphone! I got my case on Amazon for about 5 dollars and it has a spot to put a credit card and your ID in on the back, it's great!

    I love your office space, it's so organized and inspiring!

  2. I love the mason jars :) so cute!

  3. Your office makes me happy, I love all the color and how you use the jars and tins. :)

  4. Cute space Bree...I love those mason jars :-)


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