Saturday, July 14, 2012

Guest Post: Keely's Smashbook

Hello lovely readers! 
You all clearly have fabulous taste, I love Zie and her blog!  My name is Keely, I blog over at Hairbows and Butter.  If you're interested in cupcakes, fun and all things beautiful stop on by whenever :) 
Zie and I have been talking a lot of Smash recently (no we haven't been fighting).  She was a huge part of the reason I even bought my first Smashbook.  I love it!  
I don't usually do crafts of this nature, I'm usually in the kitchen baking so it's been a lot of fun to branch out and pull out the scissors and my fancy Smash pen and get to glueing!
Let's get going!

I started by framing the bottom corner of one of my pages, it was so cute how it said "Just Lovely."  I had some blank greeting cards that had this amazing herringbone pattern on them, so I figured, why not!
After that I decided that a pocket sounded like fun, I had no plans for what would go inside, but what the heck!  This is smashing, there are no rules, right!?!
I took a break from that half of the page for a bit and moved on to the other side.  Last week I was at a camp with a bunch of 6-12 year olds.  My room theme was "Soar to your dreams" and we hung up hot air balloons and airplanes and helicopters all over the room.  I decided that I wanted to smash that a little bit, so I started making a hot air balloon.
Don't forget to "soar to your dreams."
I thought the page was looking a touch empty.  So I added thought about how to fix that for a little bit.  I decided that some birds would be a really great addition, to make the hot air balloon look like it was really flying.
On the other side, I slid the card into the pocket and put a little banner on the front that said "love the mystery."
I kind of love it, what do you think?
So that's a bit of my process on how to go about creating a page.  If I had photos from camp I would have definitely added some, but this was a great little memento.  I really enjoy just sitting down with a bunch of paper and fabric and tape and what not in front of me and just seeing what happens.  It's super relaxing and inspiring!  It's amazing how creative you can feel by just cutting and pasting a bit!  It's so great!  
I hope that you go out and do something!  It doesn't have to be smashing, it can be baking, painting, modpodging, whatever you want to do.  
For me it's so cathartic to create something.  
If you create anything make sure to share photos with me and Zie, we'd love to see them!
You can find me on Twitter @bowsandbutter.
Thanks for your time!

Thank you, Keely! Keely is one of the sweetest gals out there & I really appreciate her sharing her smashbook with us. :} Go say hi, my darlings!


  1. looks cute from what I can see :) going to check out your own blog now!


  2. Loveee! I'm addicted to my smashbook. :))


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