Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello Monday: Weekend Buys

Happy Monday, m'dears! It's that time again, yes. Where we try not to think that we have a whole entire week in front of us before the weekend. -le sigh- But in order to cheer myself up this week, I bought a few things to help get me through to Friday. :]
I may have gotten a bit carried away at the book store... but come on! Look how cute everything is! Heh, but I love this little "Crafts for poor people" book. Some of the crafts are a little silly, but some are actually really clever & have been added to my to-do list. And even the book was for poor folks ;) Only $6.98! 
And no. That's not a new planner. I would never buy another one. I don't know what you're talking about. 

And I'm getting caught up on my Mollie Make's. I LOVE this magazine. So cute! (Side note: many of my smashbook magazine clips I use are from Mollie) & I love that they always come with a little craft supply or tutorial or something else lovely. 
I found my spool of headphones! I had lost it in the move back to Knoxville for the summer, and just recently found them again! Thank goodness. & Yesterday, I decided to make my own journaling cards for my smashbook. I am seriously thinking about making a bunch to upload to the shop so everyone can print and use them as they'd like. Yes/No? 

Meanwhile, what's keeping you going this week, my darling ones? 


  1. love your headphones! the only thing driving me through this week is the fact that i'm coming back to the beach on thursday!

  2. Is everything you do adorable???? Because even the things you bought are adorable and I love them. And spool for headphones?! Brilliant!

  3. ohh this is so cute and lovely! that planner is gorgeous.


  4. I have that Amy Sedaris book - hilarious!

  5. I am totally obsessed with Mollie Makes!! I have to hunt to find them because not all Barnes and Nobles carry them, and when I get them I do a happy dance in the store. :))


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