Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quiet Time: A Study

Good morning, dear ones. And what a good morning it is! I think my favorite thing about summer and being at home, is that here, I usually wake up before everyone else in the house (except maybe for Dad). Everyone works from home, so we all keep odd hours, staying up really late, and sleeping in a bit later than normal working folks. 
But I love waking up, making a cup of tea or coffee, and sitting in the quiet that is my house. The dog snores quietly at my feet, the birds chirp outside, and if you try hard enough, you can barely hear the cars down at the main road. But it's lovely, and such a welcoming way to start the day. Especially when it gives me the time to reply to some of my penpal letters. Then there is that soft scratch of pen on paper that I love more than anything. 
I love these quiet mornings and with the big move and classes starting back this month, with all of the noise that'll bring, I enjoying these moments more and more. 
But I'm curious, my sweets, what you do for quiet time? What time of day does it happen? How often? Once a day, once a week? 
Well, no matter how you have quiet time, I hope your day is as lovely as my morning has been. :}


  1. What beautiful imagery! Thanks for sharing :) I love spending time in silence, but I always forget that and let the world take me over. Here's to finding silence in the loudness, I'll just leave work and go get some coffee ;)

  2. I love quiet mornings, although I usually wake up -after- everyone has left and get the place to myself then. Snail mail is all kinds of cool, and so is that Monsters Inc. stamp.

  3. sitting in the living room and reading and having tea during the summer i get the house to my self on the weekends so when i'm not working i like to take a little break in the afternoon and read and have some tea
    i love to penpal to if your ever in the market for a new one i'd love to write to you

  4. I do enjoy a quiet morning; and I appreciate mine more when I've been working earlies for a few days, then I know I can sleep in until 10, maybe 11, and then lay in bed reading or on the laptop catching up with blogging/emails/design.

    I've never had a pen pal, and seriously feel like I'm missing out on something.


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