Sunday, July 8, 2012

Smashed on Sunday: How I Start-Part 1

Hello, my sweet ones! Ok, Ok. I know what you're saying. "Zie, it's supposed to be Smashed on Saturday" And you would be right, of course. However, I've decided to move it to Sundays as I'm so swamped during the week, that I don't get to actually smash until Saturday. So here we are.
Meanwhile, recently I've been asked how I start a new page.
So to start off, I say get your supplies together. If you're home & in your crafting space, you may have quite a few supplies. But if you're on the go, my favorite thing to do is take a pencil box and fill it with some scraps of paper, glue, tape, a pen (or two) & scissors.
I often use magazines for images & pretty details that inspire me. Occasionally, I add my own photos, but normally I use things that I've found that inspire me.
Here, I've picked a really old page that I never finished because I just didn't like it & had no idea what to do with it...
Which brings me to what I consider to be the most important thing to remember when smashing/scrapping or any other form of paper playing:
Never trash a page. Ever. Because there's no need to. If you're not in love with a page, even after hours of trying to work it, that's ok. All work goes through a "ugly stage"-- and I've had pages, like this one, that have been in that stage for months. Leave it be for a while, and then come back. Maybe you add something else to it or maybe you just completely cover it up. Just work on a different page until you've come to terms with the "ugly". It gets easier, I promise.
But then I pick some papers & images and other little things that I may want to use on a page. I lay things out & see what I might like to do.

From there, I start gluing & taping things down, making pockets & layers. The point is to have fun. If something gets covered up, that's ok! Build & build until you love it. And if you don't, maybe take away a layer or two. Let the history of the piece show!
So here, I have the base layer of the work. I'll probably spend another hour or so on it & it'll probably change a hundred more times. Interested in seeing that process? Tune in next week for part two ;)
Meanwhile, I'm flattered that so many of you have gone out and started smashing because of these posts! I'm honored & thrilled! But I want to see! Share with me! Haha :] Send me an email or link or something! I love seeing what other people do & what they use their book for. That's the fun of it all. 
So with that being said, what are you smashing/scrapping this week, my dear ones? 


  1. hey! is this former paper source zie? i stumbled upon your cute little blog via another site and couldn't believe it! totally in love with your illustrations . . . i didn't realize you were so talented :)

  2. Zie, you are so talented. You have SUCH an eye for pretty things. I dont smash myself but I really love reading posts like these :D


  3. See I love the way your pages look! I need to practice more :)


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