Sunday, July 22, 2012

Smashed on Sunday: How I Start-Part 2

Good afternoon, my loves. :] I'm back to share the part two of how I get a page going. & Since it's actually kind of a long post, let's get right to it, shall we?
Ok, so last we were just gluing down the main bits of the layout & getting ready to start embellishing. I personally love to doodle all over my pages. They're easy and fun & just add a bit more personal touch to a page. & While I know a lot of people "journal" in their smashbooks with relevant things, I'm more fond of doodling out what I hear or what music I'm listening to right that moment.
Then I glued down this lovely little illustration I found to where it half-way sticks out of the pocket I made. That way, even if I don't have anything in the pocket, it looks like I do. Some more doodles & then we're ready to start adding more things. I used a journal card & a bit of glue & some paper ruffles to make a pretty little framed journaling spot.
I'm recently figuring out that I actually really like stickers, haha. I popped this little bike onto an envelope I made, then punched a heart into some pretty paper, added some more doodles (of course, hehe) and then STICKLES. I LOVE stickles. Like, seriously. Simply because, while I love glitter, I'm not a fan of how messy it is & how hard it seems to use... at least for me. But this stuff has the glitter right in the glue, so it doesn't get anywhere I don't put it. The dry time is a bit longer than I'd like, but as long as you don't close the page for a while, you're good!
I'M BATMAN. <3 A bit of a silly little joke between some dear friends of mine, and I always  like putting little silly things in my pages. Even if no one understands why, it makes me happy :]
& for the bottom part of the page, I did this little drawing a while back of this sweet girl, & had no idea what I was going to do with her. She's finally found a home in my Smashbook, popped up to give the page a little dimension.
YOU GUYS. SPARKLE MOD PODGE. Between this & stickles... so happy! Though, I will say, the sparkle ModPodge smells realllly bad. But it adds a nice touch to the page. 
And while I know many of you have wondered about the lack of actual photos in my pages, this really is more of my "inspiration" smashbook vs. my memories scrapbook. Though, on this page, I hid a photo of me & mom under the envelope I taped in to be a flap & pocket :D
& BOOM we're done with this page. What do you think? 

Now, while I know this is a really long post already, I do have some exciting news I'd like to share... I'm starting a Smash Up with the sweet Miss Keely
Now I'm sure you're wondering what that entails exactly.... Each week, she & I will be sharing out smashbook/paper playing adventures with you & we'd like you to join in! There will be a weekly prompt for those who need it, and then you'll just make your page, document it & share it with us! Now, it doesn't have to JUST be a smashbook page. Any kind of paper play is welcome here! Smash, srap, anything you can do to play with paper & have fun!
The Rules
Follow your hosts through GFC!
Add your link!
It's super simple and we would love to see your paper/smashbook themed posts!
Make sure to check out the others and make new friends!

Sound interesting? This week's prompt: alternative. You can interpret that as you will. Have fun & be sure to share your post with us! 


  1. Zie, you're so creative. I hope when I have plenty of time off I could do something like this. I have 'Hey Jude' in my head now from seeing the Na Na's :D

  2. Oooh YAY! I'll be linking up for sure!

  3. Found your blog thanks to instagram. :3
    I just bought myself a smashbook and you have been very inspiring. At first I was a little afraid of adding 3D objects to my first page. But then I saw your pages. How do you keep your books closed? Do you limit objects that pop out on your pages?

  4. Ah I'd love to do the Smash Up! Of course all my paper supplies (aside from my Smash Book itself and a few random supplies) are packed up for the summer, so we'll see if I can participate now or if I have to wait till later :)

  5. I think I only just now realised that smash and scrapbooking aren't the same, haha.
    But this looks amazing Zie :)


  6. The hidden picture is the cutest! I'm looking into trying mod podge - looks like the sparkly one is a good first to try


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