Saturday, July 21, 2012

Smashing Resources, Darling.

Hello, my darling ones. First of all, thank you to all who have entered the double-giveaway thus far! To the rest... what are you waiting for? ;)

Meanwhile, it's Saturday. & While I keep going back and forth with the whole "what day does Smashed go on...", today is not that day. Tomorrow, will be the part two of this post for Smashed on Sunday. But today's a little different. 
I've been asked quite a lot lately, about how I get all of my ideas & where I'm learning to do these different things I'm doing, and where I get some of my materials, etc. And so, I've decided to put a little post together to show that very thing. 
Let's start with inspiration: 

I often spend (embarrassing) amounts of time looking for inspiration on pinterest & instagram. (I've only recently discovered that you can search for things by tags on both sites... haha. Noob.) But anyway, I am constantly collecting and saving and bookmarking pages & tips & techniques that really inspire me. The one above for instance. I love the colors, the different patterns & pretty papers used. I also really love how simply & soft it looks, but it still has all of the layering I adore. 

And then there's work like this. I adore the use of white space, bold shapes/color, & POCKETS. I loveee pockets. I also really like how some of this is handwritten & some is typed up. 
And then there are these wonderful things that float around the web that maybe not everyone has seen yet..? Those wonderful free downloads. Here are a couple of my favorite free download boards: One, two, and three (this one has a TON of free fonts, for those who don't like their handwriting but still want to journal). There are a bunch more, of course. 
I personally have a freebie for download: 
And yes, it's a recipe card, but you can use it as a journaling card, as well! Download
(And not quite sure why the colors are so dark on the left... they're more like the ones on the right...) 
And then, I've also made some journal cards & journal kits (both for less than the price of a cup of coffee, hehe). Simply because I wanted to make something that can be printed over and over for you all, so you can use & have as many as you'd like for the rest of forever. Especially handy if you're someone like me who has to make sure their handwriting looks at least a *little* pretty when putting it in a journal/smashbook! >.<

But anyway, I've also seen a few little "tutorials" that are killer & I'd like to try soon! 
You put your tapes onto wax paper, punch it & BOOM cutest sticker EVER. 
There's a billion more ideas that I'd like to share, but it's my dad's birthday & so I've gotta run. But if you're interested in what else I look at for smash-resources, take a look at my pinboard. And if you found any of this helpful, maybe I'll do another one soon. 
 But what are you guys into this weekend? & What do you look at for inspiration for your paper/other types of crafting?

EDIT: I completely forgot to mention, that while the August box had completely sold out a couple days ago, due to popular demand and some cleverness on my mom's part, we've added four more August Boxes to the store! And for those wondering if we'll always have such limited number of boxes, the answer is hopefully no. I'm trying to add more and more boxes available for each month, but if you are worried about not getting yours, I'd recommend a 3 month subscription. That way, it helps me know who all wants one so I can plan accordingly, & helps you make sure you don't miss a month! :]


  1. Absolutely LOVING the sticker idea! It's past 2 AM right now and I cannot go to sleep without exploring all your sites! (blog, instagram, etsy, pinterest!) So glad I found your site! Just ordered a 3 month subscription and I'm dying for it already :)

  2. Zie! Omg I love all those pinboards you found. This is so amazing!

  3. Hey! I just nominated you for a Liebster Award! Yayyyy! Check out my post for more information. Can't wait to see your answers!
    ( )
    Love and Luck,

  4. thanks for the free download links! I don't do smashing (although this really makes me wanna!) but I like to mess around with graphic design, so!

    Lovely post! I'll follow you on Pinterest.



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