Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's in My: July It's Paper Dear Box!

My darling ones! I've missed you! I hope you had as lovely as a weekend as I have. I'm back in Knoxville for a couple more weeks and wanted to pop in and share something exciting with you. :} Now, many people have been asking... "Zie, what exactly is IN the box? " And I've answered as best I can without completely giving it away, as it IS supposed to be a surprise box, but now that many of those who got their July It's Paper Dear box have received it, I thought, why not! So here it is, my loves:
Miss Natalie, the sweetest, says, 

"I received my July box today and was absolutely blown away by the quality and quantity (the box went on forever-- it took me ages to open and look at everything!) of the items inside. I will definitely be subscribing again!!"

And then this group of lovely photos (minus the very last one), was taken by Miss Kate Gabrielle, who has been so enormously kind to share the little box with her blog & readers. 
I've been so excited and thrilled with all of the emails & tweets & messages I've gotten thus far from the lovely folks who received their boxes and I just want to take this time to say thank you. You all are wonderful & I'm so honored at the enormously happy response to the box. 

And just as a side note, I've decided to start including a sample of something I make in each box. July's box included one sheet of journaling cards for using in anything from smashbooks, to scrapbooks, altered books, notes-to-self, lunch box notes for your children, and anything else you can stick a cute little note to! But for those who maybe missed the July box, or those who got the box and want more... they're available in my shop for $2! And you can download and print them as many times as you'd like... for the rest of forever! :D

And while I know this is the longest post ever, I wanted to ask one more thing... I'm thinking of giving a free downloadable goodie away this weekend, and wanted to see what you'd maybe like to have? 1. Recipe cards, 2. book plates, 3. journal cards, 4. book marks, 5. other? 

Meanwhile... what's that last picture of? Hm... looks oddly like something that might be in the August box..? ;)


  1. BEAUTIFUL. Simply beautiful! How much would this box be for UK buyers? :) xxx

  2. Oh my goodness, Zie, I just got mine in when we got back from vacation and it was the BEST surprise! It was like the box would never end, and I loved all of the little goodies inside! I'm hoping to do a little post on it here shortly (and as soon as my paycheck comes in, subscribe again!). Job well done!

  3. wow that is some gorgeous stuff!

  4. Ohhh my goodness!! Everything is so so so so fun!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! :)
    xo Jenny


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