Thursday, August 16, 2012

Get to Know: Zie

Hello, my sweet ones! It has come to my attention lately, that while this little blog of mine is growing & all of these wonderful things are taking off, ... all of the lovely newer readers may not have time to read every single post I've ever made to actually see who I am. So I thought I'd reintroduce myself. 
My name is Zie (pronounced like the last letter of the alphabet) Campbell. I'm 20 years old. I have two middle names, and a huge family. I have a puppy who lives with my parents, his name is Curtis & he's a mini schnauzer. He's also 10 years old, so more of a puppy in spirit and affection, vs actual age. 
I'm a direct product of my parents. Crafty, creative and artsy from my Ma & nerdy and pretty BRO from my Dad. Though, I'm probably a more extreme version of the two of them. 
There are three things I love more than anything: Doctor Who, Aliens, & Glitter. 
I'm a graphic design student in Nashville, TN with a focus in illustration. No idea what I'm going to do with my life. But I'm pretty fond of this little small business I've started.
I drive a bright blue Honda Fit. He's my butler & his name is Charles. 
Love me some food. I also wear dresses every day of my life because, as I've been quoted, "Pants are for men and quitters." ;) 
Random facts: I bite my nails. I'm terrified of spiders. I love lists & even have lists of my lists. I've lived in quite a few different states. I've been to Mexico, the Bahamas, England, Ireland, and Wales. I've recently fallen in love with gold & sequins and I'm still not sure how I feel about that. 
I drink entirely too much coffee. I like unsweet tea (cold), but I love my hot tea with a TON of sugar. I've written & illustrated two childrens' books already, but have no idea how to get them published or even where to begin. 
I'm loud. I laugh a lot. & I'm so excited to meet all of you. I'd love for you to introduce yourself! So what's your name? Where are you from? What do you do? And three random facts about you? :D 
I'm pleased to meet you & I hope you stick around and have some fun with me on this little slice of blogland :} 


  1. Oh, I like get to know you posts!

    Hmm well I'm Kelsea. =) From Seattle. I am an accountant by day, working on launching a jewelry business (and blogging) by night. Three facts?
    1. I hated pink growing up. Now it's one of my favorites.
    2. I think apples taste better when cut into slices the traditional way with a knife than when using those apple-cutter devices.
    3. If I were an animal, I would definitely be a shark. Unless I could be a mythical creature, in which case I'd be a dragon.

    Yeah, really random facts. =)

  2. I didn't know your pups name was Curtis! I have a dog named Curtis too, which gets confusing since I also have a boyfriend named Curtis. Of course I didn't name my dog after my boyfriend though, haha. I always get asked that (I'm not that crazy... yet).

  3. This is such a fabulous recap, thanks so much!
    I'm Leah over from
    I LOVE your quote about wearing dresses, so true (even though I wear pants a lot at work. Maybe that's what's holding me back lol).

    My little sister moved to nashville earlier this year and works for a photographer full time (I think it's called Dove photography?) and also does wedding and event planning on the weekends (ooh i wish I knew the name!)

    I hope you two run into each other along the way and can hang out! her name is Sarah :)

  4. Oh hey girl! Emily from Oh Hello, Love sent us your way in her post today, and I trust that Emily to give good direction- So I'm Lacey, I'm from all over the country but currently reside in Los Angeles, I work in Fashion. Three random things- I love sushi, anything leopard print, and flying Virgin America (seriously I've become adverse to flying anything else. can you tell by the fact that I made this a random fact about me that I travel far too much?).

  5. Hi Zie! I'm Kayla, and I live in Oakland, CA with my fiance Jordan, my best friend Jimmy, and our two cats Pogo and Sorbo. I work for a non-profit company in San Francisco by day, and by night I am a professional tea-drinkin', paper-gluin', video gamin', cat-cuddlin', picture takin', space-lovin' bloggernaut. Also I'm kind of a huge goofball.

    I feel like that paragraph more than covered those 3 random things, but you're one of my favorites and I'm happy to formally introduce my (odd) self!


  6. I'm a complete nut about Doctor Who, I seen it live on stage 2 years ago it was AMAZING!

    Well... I'm Michelle from Newcastle, UK. I'm currently unemployed looking to go into uni full time :)
    1 - My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 (black).
    2 - My favourite musical has to be Chicago.
    3 - I once dreamt that I was married to Jeremy Irons.


  7. Well hello, i'm semi new to your blog to it's great to know a little more about the gal behind the blog. I'm Rachael and i'm an English girl who moved to the US to be with her guy. Okay so three random things;
    1/ i collect vintage powder compacts
    2/ krispy kreme's are my greatest weakness
    3/ chicago is my favourite place in the entire world


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