Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello Monday: What-ya-got Nightstand

Happy Monday, my dear ones! I know this post is coming in a little late, but I'm still superrrr swamped with orientation week & getting all of the new students ready to go for the year, etc. But I haven't forgotten you all & wanted to share a little snippet of my new room with you guys :} 
 So I'm on a college budget but now have a big room & a whole apartment I had to furnish. And while I did buy a few things, I mostly wanted to update and use the bits I already had. I have one "actual" night stand on the other side of my bed, but for my side, I wanted something a little more interesting. 
Introducing the What-ya-got Nightsand. Revamping & utilizing things I already had in a new way. Originally, I was going to leave the other night stand over here, but then I figured if I had that much flat surface right as I walked into my bed room, that it'd get clutter with crap really quickly. So I moved it to the other side. & Then when I decided on stacking my vintage suitcases, I wanted to put my globe there so it takes up any room that would other wise get cluttered as well. But I love that it's like this little "travel" section in my room.
Plus, with as much crap as I have, it's nice to be able to store some of the bigger things that I don't use very often away like this, clearing up much needed space for me. 
Over all, I'm pretty happy with how my room is coming together & hope to be able to show you some more What-ya-got projects over the next couple weeks. :} 
Meanwhile, what have you all been up to? & How have you decorated//reused some of your old bits? 


  1. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I totally have a suitcase for a nightstand! So, so, so cute!

  2. That looks amazing! What a brilliantly creative idea!


  3. that is SUCH a cool idea :D


  4. So creative, and it looks great! I'm working on revamping my computer desk, which I no longer use since I got a laptop, into a crafting and sewing corner. It's going well but I'm learning a lot along the way :)

  5. Wow, that's super cute. Can I have some of your creativity please, it'd be muchly appreciated :D

  6. Adorable!! I want some vintage suitcases. I'm still hunting for them. :))

  7. It looks lovely! Your idea is very creative and fashion forward, I absolutely love it!


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