Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello Monday: I'm Moving!

Happy Monday, my dearest ones! I hope you had a lovely weekend! What did you all end up doing? I ended up pretending to pack. --Pack? Where am I going, you might ask? Well, folks... 
I'm moving back to Nashville! :} I've been back home with my parents this summer, while I was on summer "vacation" from school. And now I'm headed back this Friday. Which is cool, but I haven't even STARTED packing yet. I'm crap at this. 
We have so much to do before Friday it's not even funny. August's It's Paper Dear has to go out, I have to pack everything, we have to figure out how we're going to get all of this there & how we are going to get it into the new apartment. Plus we have a zillion DIY projects so I don't have to buy new furniture, just make all the furniture that's being donated to me cute. Holy guacamole, you guys. This next week or so may be a bit crazy, so hang in there with me, folks! :} 
But what will you be doing this week? & Do you have any cute DIY ideas for moving/decorating? I'd love to see! 


  1. Wow that looks like a lot! But good luck :) The chevron stairs look like they will turn out fantastic!

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    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  2. Good luck with you move Zie, just step at a time and you will get there :)

    xx Susie

  3. Ooh, best of luck! Moving is such an exciting time!


  4. These ideas are adorable! I'm moving next month so I'm psyched about decorating too. =) I am loving Jenny's (from Everyday is a Holiday) scallop walls decor idea. Seen it?

  5. Good luck with all of the prep and have somuchfun! Becky's so right, moving is such an exciting time! :)

    Just breathe. :)

  6. I'm moving too on August 16th.I blogged about some of my designs and ideas, lucky for me, my apartment is fully furnished so all I have to do is worry about decorating. Good luck with the move and with the busy week - I know that it can be frustrating! I hope you'll post pictures of the decorated apartment!!

  7. Have fun and good luck with your move! We'll hopefully be moving here before the end of the year, so I'm Pinterest-ing up a storm :D

  8. That top picture?! Swooning! <33

    How far away are you moving/where to?

  9. Zie, good luck with everything! Love all those pictures you posted, I'll be curious to see what your new room will look like!


  10. Your room is amazing! I wanted to let you know that I'm adding some punched paper in my etsy shop that you might be interested in.


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