Friday, August 17, 2012

Illustration Friday: ...And Terror Possessed Me Then

Hello everyone! I was so excited to meet all you yesterday :} Thank you for sharing! You alway brighten my day :} 
Meanwhile, for this Illustration Friday, I wanted to share something I found this week while moving. REALLY old work, I think from early 2010/late 2009.
I loved working in black and white or very little color. Mixing pen & ink with watercolor washes, etc. I also loved working with melancholic characters and creepy themes. The one above I think was titled "no one loves a little devil." & Honestly he's probably one of my favorite pieces I ever made... even now. 
And then these. "And terror possessed me then..." & "Karma is not a kitty." These were so much fun to make. I'm heavily considering revisiting this style & these themes for a little while. But we'll see.
Meanwhile, what about you guys? Do you have anything from a few years ago? What has changed for you since 2009/2010?


  1. My goodness, these are absolutely beautiful! Really stunning!


  2. Wow, these are brilliant! The devil is such a lil cutie. Recently, I found my old sketch books and found a drawing of a clay head I made. Probably the best thing I've drawn.


  3. These are wonderful! You are so talented.

  4. I love these! They have such a Tim Burton feel to them.

  5. definitely different from what I'm used to seeing from you, but I really do love it. I am in love with that kitty. it's cute but so haunting!


  6. I loove these illustrations! They're pretty and creepy at the same time. I just watched 'Coraline' and they definitely remind me of Tim Burton's figures.


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