Friday, August 31, 2012

Illustration Friday: Creepy Kids

Happy Friday, my sweet darling ones! :} I hope you all had a wonderful week! Mine wasn't bad. Just getting settled into my classes & such. Which, brings me to today's post. Last week, I got quite a few questions on what we actually do in an Illustration class. I think a lot of people think some man gets up and shows us how to draw shapes, etc. Not quite. Point in case: 
Our professor handed us this sealed envelope with the "ghost driver" bit on the front. We weren't allowed to open it until after the first half of the "game". But basically we were the creepiest kids ever. Finding a car, documenting the contents and personality of the car-- even taking pictures... all before the car left or we got caught. Honestly, I was a little creeped out at the start of it & horrified that someone was going to call the cops on me. 
But as it went on, I got really into it. Which, as I've always loved playing "spy," it was probably more fun then it should have been. 
But after we all came back from the cars we picked, we started talking about what kind of person owned those cars. & The actual assignment is to draw what we think they looked like. 
So how's that for an illustration class? Probably quite a bit different then you had in mind, no? I love this class. 
Meanwhile, I'm off to get some things ready to add to the shop (hopefully) next week... so be looking for that! 
But before I go, I'm curious what your favorite class was/is & what kinds of things you did in it? 


  1. Hah! That is totally cool (and a little creepy)... makes me think of a creative writing class. =)

  2. Wow, that sounds so fun! I wish my classes were like that haha!


  3. Sounds like an awesome class Zie! :o)

    xxx Susie


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