Thursday, August 2, 2012

Illustration Friday: Playing with Gouache

It's Friday? What? When did that happen? Meanwhile, have you all had a good week? Mine's been pretty nice. But today, I'm headed out to the 127 Sale with my folks. Hopefully to get some really lovely things :} Wish me luck! 
Anyway, lately, I've been eyeing my gouache & my brushes. It's been months since I've painted (getting close a year now!) and that breaks my heart. I just got really disheartened with painting after my last painting class. I was the only "design" student in the "fine art" class and it was just horrid. Apparently, because my paintings don't have SUPER deep meanings about the stars and the universe and unicorn's bum-hairs, I'm not a real artist. Long story short: I put all my paint sets away. & Yesterday, I took them back out. 
I was actually really surprised how much I had forgotten. & How odd it felt to have a brush back in my hand. I spent a couple hours just doodling & playing and relearning how to paint. I forgot that it's easier to use ink to letter vs. paint. So I'm still playing with that. 
But I had fun & it felt good to put brush to paper again. I hadn't realized that something so huge had been missing from my life and now I promise my lovely brushes, my paints, and myself never to put them away again. Forget the old fuddy-duds. 
Meanwhile, I'm curious if any of you have put something dear to you away? And what are your plans for the weekend? I'm off to the 127 sale now, and if you're interested in how I do, be sure to check twitter or instagram. :}


  1. These are so cute! I can't paint at all... I have reasonable skills in most creative endeavors, but not painting. I would like to work on it, though. Sad that you were discouraged by your painting class! But I'm glad you picked it back up. Share more paintings? =)

  2. These are so nice Zie! And I am very happy for you that you picked this up again.

    xx Susie

  3. Aaw they are lovely!

    I put my sewing machine away 2 years ago. I am desperate to get it out again but I am so scared that I will have forgotten everything that I keep putting it off!


  4. I joined your site a short while ago and have really enjoyed your "obvious" creativity! This story really bummed me. Especially since I am an art school drop out. Can honestly say I continue to learn more (it's been many years since college I'm afraid!) just being in the presence of creative people (regardless of mediums) than I did in the entire 3 years of art college. Pick up those brushes and keep on painting!

  5. I looove painting! I took an oil painting class and though I was a complete beginner, I really learned a lot and came home with great pieces.

    But I haven't painted since then, about 8 months ago... because my last piece, which I put HOURS and HOURS (probably 20+) of work into, was stolen! So I kind of feel the same as you did -- just really defeated. I need to pick up painting again but I'm just discouraged.


  6. Don't listen to those "artists". They're snooty. I love your paintings and can;t wait to see more!

  7. "Apparently, because my paintings don't have SUPER deep meanings about the stars and the universe and unicorn's bum-hairs, I'm not a real artist." hahaha seriously you kill me. hahahaha. brings me right back to my BFA "oh, yes will all of its gestural qualities stuck within the framework of a canvas, my painting reveals all the world's secrets about space and time - therefore it is a masterpiece." ummm looks just like you smeared around acrylics on a big canvas... how does this change my perspective of the world? classic example of everyday crits...
    DRAW and PAINT whatever your HEART desires. who can tell you it's wrong? "it comes from MY HEART and MY HEART always speaks the truth to me." :) great post.

  8. oh, my gosh, i felt the "real artist" push when i was in school-- i was the magazine publishing major who got shunned from all the poetry classes. but i love your paintings! i would buy a painting with that little fox on it so fast :-)

  9. these look absolutely lovely! glad you are back at it : )

  10. I used to paint and draw all the time but somewhere along the line, namely, after graduating high school, my brushes and books got put away and haven't seen the light of day since. So sad, and I mean to pick them back up here (promise!). Gouache was actually my go to the last two years of school -- I love how it's somewhere between watercolors and acrylics :)

    Especially love your graphic-y approach with it! Looks stellar!!

  11. Oh Zie - I am in love with that fox!

    I'm glad you had fun with painting - the result is lovely! :) Thank you for sharing the fruits of your labour with us! :)

  12. from what I can see you are a very good artist! love it, you are SO creative, girl :)



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