Thursday, August 9, 2012

Keeping Me Caffeinated

Happy Thursday, my dears. This month marks the first month of taking on "coffee dates". & Here are the lovely group of gals who decided to keep this girl caffeinated this month. :} 
Meet the lovely Fawn & Flora: @fawnandflora |  blog | shop 
 "Fawn & Flora is unique in that 2 girls from 2 different countries, whom have never met run it together. Though miles apart, their eye for product and design is an unmistakable perfect match. The name Fawn & Flora symbolizes aspects of the girl's other projects. Heather, being the creator of Just Lovely Things makes floral hair accessories among other things, while Dana mostly creates plush forest animals under the name of Wonder Forest."

Meet the lovely Jennifer: twitter | facebook | blog | shop | pinterest
"My name is Jennifer, but you can call me Jen if you want. In a nutshell, I'm a 33-year-old second-time college student. I realized last year that I didn't want to be stuck in my boring desk job forever and decided to go back to school to become a graphic designer! Best decision I ever made!! (Not that I necessarily mind desk work, just as long as it's balanced with being creative!)"
Meet the lovely Nat: @modernbuttercup |  blog 
"Hello, I'm Nat. I'm a blogger, graphic designer, font fanatic, dessert foodie and a bit of a daydreamer. I blog over at Modern Buttercup and enjoy writing about my daily doings, latest inspiration and whimsical things. I love pretty things and constantly inspired by the little things in life."
Meet the lovely Keely: @bowsandbutter |  blog 
"Hi lovely readers!  My name is Keely and I blog over at Hairbows and Butter.  My blog is an ever evolving space of the internet where I share recipes with you along with my real life and most recently some budgeting adventures (I know, sounds like a snore fest but I try and keep things fun, this is the important stuff!).  Stop on by sometime!  I would love to have you!"
Meet the lovely Cerri:  facebook | blog | shop | pinterest
"Hello there! My name is Cerri & I sell arts and craft supplies, vintage ephemera and other little goodies for you to play with. Be sure to stop on by the blog every Tuesday for tutorials & my favorite crafting and creating techniques! See you there! "

A huge thank you to all of these wonderful ladies! Go check them all out, they have wonderful things to say and sell and share! Meanwhile, who/what are some of your favorite blogs & shops right now? 


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