Sunday, August 26, 2012

Smashed on Sunday: What-ya-got Art Journal

Happy Sunday, dear ones! How has your weekend been thus far? Mine has been rather "eh" & so I've been trying to cheer myself up with lovely music & distracting myself with finishing up the apartment. & It's kinda working. But I digress. 
Last week was orientation at my school & as an RA and orientation leader, I had a crazy busy week planning & doing & entertaining & all the other nonsense that goes with the week. And on one of the nights, a few of us had an art night planned for any of the new students who wanted to join.  But of course, the plans fell through with like an hour to go until the event. 
So of course, I had a .45 second panic attack. We didn't have time to go buy anything & really didn't have the funds to go crazy on it. And I had a little over an hour to figure something out that was free, on hand, and still fun to do. & BOOM. Of course my first thoughts went to paper and art journals, etc. 
And as we are a college full of different kinds of artists, I figured I could get the students pumped about the idea. 
We are a small school & not many ended up coming, but those who did had a blast. We used magazines, art books, catalogues, random sketchbooks & pads of newsprint to make these little books. Mine was kind of used as an "example" but I encouraged them to play and have fun with it so it would be something that they would hopefully actually use. They came up with some great ideas! We used staples & binder clips to hold our books together so it was super easy.
But my point in sharing all of this is to encourage you to play around with the things you have at home. Figure out how to use that junk-magazine that comes in the mail, or figure out what you can do with packing tape. Or ugly staples, how can you make those work FOR you, rather than against you? 
Which of course, brings me to the question what you all are working on? Paper things? Baking things? Other kinds of making things? :}


  1. How stressful! I'm glad you managed to make it happen, it looks like lots of fun :) I'm currently not really working on anything, my thesis and work is taking all the energy and time :( well, I'm sewing some curtains for a friend, but that's nothing creative, it's just really big rectangles, hah. I DID make a plastic dinosaur pin the other day, but that's as crazy as it gets here for the time being ^^

  2. I know it didn't go as plan but it sounds like a blast to me!! How did you get something organized like that? I would love planning a fun event like that. :)

    Today I am working on making my sketchbook covers look cute for school! Art journaling my covers? yes!

    I hope you're having a fantastic Monday! xoxo

  3. aww this is a really cute idea :) All I'm working on right now is a story I'm writing, but I have a bit of writers block, haha.


  4. Heck yes! What a great idea! I always save packaging, tear out cool magazine pages, etc. and use them for projects. =)


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