Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Talk Shop: isavirtue

Hello, dear ones! I hope your day is going well :} I'm just popping in to share a little shop talk with one of It's Paper Dear's August sponsors. Some really interesting ideas & lovely tips for other small businesses. Plus the stationery! SO DANG CUTE. 

one | what inspires your work?
in my creation of stationery i am inspired by text, shapes and simplicity. when i see certain fonts and images i feel an immediate urge to create something. i can see it exactly as it will be in mind! i am also inspired by daily conversations and the process of sending mail through the post. when creating, i am always thinking about how my products will translate in the postal system. i often imagine a young women opening her mailbox to find one of my envelopes, and a letter inside from her good friend whom she hasn't seem in awhile!

two | how would you describe your creative process?
my creative process is deeply based in repetition. i rarely make just one of any item because i'm obsessed with the way multiples look together. despite the repetitive motions, my process is often a slow one. i've tried time and time again to speed up when tracing and cutting templates, or applying images - but then the perfectionist side of myself is displeased with the result. so although i make multiples of certain products the way a large company would, i'm still very entrenched in the slow, handmade part of crafting.

three | what motivates you to keep going as a small business?
new ideas and every single sale! it's incredible to me the way every sale is just as exciting as the first. the feeling that encompasses me when i see a transaction go through is one of surprise, excitement and pride. that feeling never seems to fade and thus it is very much a part of what propels me. i am a person who loves to create things but hates to keep "stuff." so having an outlet for my work and knowing that my pieces end up with someone who loves them is perfect. 

four | do you have any advice for other small businesses?
i have three pieces of "advice". 
first: i think as small businesses we share a common responsibility to remain connected with the public. there are so many ways that large businesses manage to gain the upper hand. so if we, as creators and small business owners take the time to treat and treasure each of our customers, it will encourage them to continue to shop with us! 

second: keep reinventing what you do and introduce mini "lines" each season (like this one!). it's fun to make a fuss about new products and the hype often leads to sales!

third: as an aside, what personally works for me is to never take it too seriously. i know that's not the avenue that works for every person but when i view it as a hobby that is sometimes successful, i am able to continue to enjoy it, not loathe it.
Thank you so much, Kaitlyn! Some really lovely ideas & bits of advice! But if you guys haven't already, go check out her shop. So many lovely things! 
Meanwhile, how are you today, my loves? Do you have advice for other small business? Even as a customer? Like what kinds of things do you love/hate about some of the people/businesses you've ordered from? 


  1. Wonderful post zie, thanks so much. Love the stationary :o)

    xxx Susie

  2. Interesting responses/advice that I very much agree with! Thanks for sharing. =)

  3. I LOVE her stationery! It's so beautiful with a clean appeal! I just got a package from her recently!

  4. Thanks so much for introducing me to isavirtue's work, I love it and hope to make a purchase from her shop sometime. This interview was inspiring too!


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