Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I Wore: Drab to Fab

Happy Wednesday, my dear ones! It's been a crazy couple weeks & today is the first day I have any down-time. I'm sitting on my little porch as I write this and I'm excited to share a little tip I've figured out this week. 
All week I've had to wear the orientation shirt from school & let's just say... that it's not as fabulous as I'd like. I wore a couple different skirts with it in hopes to glam it up a bit, but they didn't do the job. I just felt silly and boring. But with a few little accessories, I think I managed to make it a bit better.
Bold, bright lipstick and dark eyes started to make things a bit more me, but when paired with the vibrant hair pins vs the normal dark ones I wear to match my hair, it really started to come together. And then the glamorous clutch from Target & these sassy shades... well, I felt much better about wearing the silly shirt. 
But I'm curious what you do to bring a dull and drab outfit up to speed? Do you have a go-to accessory to finish off your outfit? & What are you doing this fine, warm Wednesday? 
I hope the rest of your day is fabulous! 


  1. So cute! Way to dress that shirt up! When I have a boring outfit I got for pops of color and big earrings! Just like on lazy hair days when my hair makes it into a messy bun, it's all about the earrings!

  2. Dear Zie, I like your sunglasses so so much. I think I will buy a leopard sunglasses for myself in a very short time.. And I also like your glamorous clutch so much.. You choose the best all the time..:))
    All best wishes..

  3. I'm a new follower and just saw this post, and I have to say... I'm kinda-pretty much-absolutely obsessed with the mascara shown above:) Just sayin!

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  4. So I am in search of a new mascara. What are your thoughts on this one? Do you have a favorite? I'd love your input.

  5. I like the clutch and sunglasses :D very classic and cool


  6. Great way to dress it up! I usually go for over-the-top statement necklaces or interesting earrings to counter-act drabness. I have this huge, shiny, noisy silver necklace with coins and blue stones and I almost always wear with t-shirts otherwise I feel that the whole outfit is over-the-top!

  7. Ew, why did they make you wear the t-shirt? Lamesauce!

    I saw that mascara on tv last night and was like, oooh it has gel?! I must try it. lol. Do you like it?

    As for going from drab to fab,make sure my hair has some curl and leave it down, lots of mascara, color my lips, and throw on a scarf!

    But now... its super hot. So scarves aren't an option. I've felt pretty drab lately. *sadness*

  8. haha what a cute idea :) love the clutch!


  9. New follower... love your blog! and that clutch, to die for :)

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  10. I thing your blog is amazing! I always enjoy following it!

    I'm a newer follower of yours, and I adore your blog! I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by another blogger, and thought it was kinda fun to pass on the good karma to other bloggers, so I'm passing it forward to you! Its a fun way to find new blogs to read, and help new readers find you! I hope you find it cute too! Check it out on my blog on my latest post!



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