Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I Wore: Inspiration

My dearest ones, it's Wednesday again. How does this keep happening? I remember when earlier this summer it felt as if the weeks would go on forever. But now? You blink and poof! Gone. But how are you all today? I had a pretty crappy day yesterday, so I didn't feel like taking photos for What I Wore. Plus, I'm still packing. But I thought that today would be the perfect day to share my style inspiration that I've been asked about quite a lot recently. So here we are:
Obviously, this isn't all that inspires me and my style, but I find myself smiling when I look at these. I adore the sweet, simple style of all of it. I love the feminine frills and frocks and then something a little more "masculine" or rustic. Like the boots. I keep looking for a hat like that, but can't seem to find any :/ & let's be honest, everyone in the world wants a giant pink bow on their dress. Even if they say otherwise. They really, secretly, want it. 
But back to packing, I suppose. I really cannot wait until this whole thing is sorted and settled. That way I can show off all my pretty new things & my pretty new spaces! :} 
Meanwhile, what kinds of things inspire your style? Do you have a set style? Or just wear anything and everything just depending on the day? 


  1. I love your style :) I think you're right too, thinking all girls want to wear a big pink bow with a dress, I know I do!

  2. I love your style! I'm inspired a lot by what I see online and alternative fashions, like fairy-kei or lolita. I keep a pinboard of my stule inspirations here!

  3. This is such a great idea for a post, maybe I will do one too. I love to see people's inspirations.

  4. Oh, that dress is my favorite! Reminds me of some of the Betsey Johnson dresses I loved. =)

  5. I love layers. My friends call me 8 layers of crazy because of all the unnecessary layers I wear. I don't exactly wear 8 layers, they were just being dramatic. XD
    Such a great dress. I want to layer something minty over it.

  6. i so agree with you! this has gotta be like the fastest year ever.
    beautiful post! adore your style inspirations. i'm an all for frills and frocks kind of girl too. :)

  7. oh my, that dress!



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