Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's in My: Mail

Happy Wednesday, darlings! How goes the week for everyone else? Mine, well, I'm lazily taking my time with this post today in hopes that I might miss my doctor's appointment. Don't really want to do that today, no thanks. :/ 
But anyway, after the little preview of my snail-mail I had quite a few people ask me about it & what kinds of things I was getting in the mail, etc. So here we go, folks. My mail from this week :} 
I have a few pen pals, all of which are lovely. So far this week, I've gotten three letters & a post card. I just recently started this pen-pal business, so for most of these, it's the first letter I've gotten from them. And MAN, I was so happy! 
A handmade card with a little trinket she picked up for me in Arizona; a recipe card & letter used from the July It's Paper Dear box!; a pretty letter from my soon-to-be roommate; and an adorable postcard from Nova Scotia!
And these are some of the things I picked up to help me write my own letters. Some Hello Kitty pens & stamps, and some new pretty stationery that I'm doodling on. I swear I'm an adult! Haha >.< I just love this stuff. 
But what about you guys? Do you snail-mail? Have you ever done it? Do you know of pretty places for me to find more lovely stationery stuff? ;)


  1. Your letter is stamped and in the mail! <33

  2. This post is so sweet. I used to have a couple of pen pals when I was younger. I once kept it up for around 4 years with one friend. I hope you enjoy it, it's a lot of fun!

  3. I LOVE snail mail, but unfortunately have a hard time keeping up with pen pals :( I'll just have to deal with ordering things online ;)

  4. Aw, where did you find those pens? they're adorable! Haha, I love writing to pen pals too. Its more personal than chatting online!

  5. How cute! I used to have pen pals but then I always forgot to write back!


  6. Great post, suits well with my snail mail exchange :D Thanks for the inspiration!

    xx Susie

  7. I love snail mail though I don't get it often anymore ><; My grandma would always send out a homemade card for the holidays, with stamps and stickers. And super cute stationary from my Japanese exchange-student friend.

    Your mail and stationary supplies are all super cute!

  8. Oh! Snail mail! So fun. :) I love sending mail. IF you want a new penpal (from the lovely frozen Northern BC, Canada), fire me an email (! I'm always looking for new places to send letters!

    Great post, Zie!

    1. Would you like an English penpal?!

  9. Oh I envy you. Your letters are so cute. I've signed up for so many blog pen pal exchanges and have sent several letters and never got one back. -.-
    It seems like so much fun to have a pen pal.

  10. I love snail mail! I have two friends I write with since we live in opposite ends of the country now (here in Denmark that means 5 hours away, haha). It's so difficult to find pretty paper with matching envelopes, though! I guess it's because few people still write letters like that :(

  11. Oh my! I wish that my mail looked like this - I guess I will just have to make the effort to, you know, actually seek out some oen pals! :)


    Melissa @ Melicious

  12. Such a lovely thing to have a pen pal, but I think I would be very bad at keeping up with it - good on you for doing it! These letters look adorable.
    This is my fave stationary site:

  13. If you'd like another penpal let me know. I'm @paperdoll_83 on Twitter. As for where to get new cute stuff, try :)

  14. this is so cute! and I can seriously learn from how you take photos, so gorgeous :)



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