Saturday, September 29, 2012

crafty days

Hello, my dearest ones! Just popping in to chat with you for a bit. How are you? How's your weekend going? Are you having a relaxing or an energized weekend? I'm having quite a relaxing one. As I'm an RA at my school, I'm on duty this weekend so I can't really leave or go too far from campus/my apartment. Just in case students need me or something bad happens, you know? 
And while a lot of people would hate that kind of responsibility over the weekend, I'm quite pleased. I've taken this (so far) quiet weekend to relax and get a little work done. Yesterday I got some things on my to-do list knocked off while watching Criminal Minds all day. Today however, I decided not to really do anything productive & just have a craft day. Which, as I haven't embroidered in a long while, I felt it was needed. Plus, there's been an Ancient Aliens marathon on all day and I haven't gotten out of my jammies & sometimes... I just really love my life. :} 
Hopefully by next week this piece will be done & I'll share it again :}
But anyway, what do you do to relax and enjoy some down-time? 


  1. Can't wait to see what this will be!

  2. Oh! Very pretty!
    I definitely hope you'll share it once it is complete.

    To relax and enjoy down time I like to be with the ones I love, journal, doodle, crochet, and photograph. Oh, and drink tea. Yes, indeed, I like to drink tea.


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