Monday, September 24, 2012

Dot Com & Coming Soon!

Hello, my beloveds! How have you been? It's been a few days since we've spoken & I want to just take a moment and catch up on that. I know quite a few people took my last post as I was going to quit blogging all together, & that's not the case at all! We're just mixing it up a bit. Meanwhile, there will be more on that later... But for now, I'm excited to share two lovely things with you! 
The first being that no longer just links to my etsy shop, but now links to the actual home page for It's Paper Dear! I've always wanted to make a little website for the box & I finally found the time to get it going. It's still a little work in progress, but I'm rather fond of it :} 

 The website has a home page with the most recent box news, that month's featured artists & hopefully a little video talking about the box soon. *finger crossed* But it also has an FAQ section, a section to see a little bit about what other's are saying about the box, & soon the "partners" section will be complete. That way if you're interested in working with or being featured in a box, we can more easily connect :}
Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it & can't wait to start using it. What do you guys think? Do you like the new color scheme?
Meanwhile, I've been hinting at something lovely coming to the shop soon over on twitter & instagram. And now I'm ready to announce that coming very soon to the shop...Pretty Paper Packs & pretty vintage purses!
These are something I superrrr excited about. Vintage papers of all kinds from receipts to photos, to tickets to adverts to love letters. :} All for you to collect, to use in your smashbook, scrapbook, art journals, penpaling, snailmailing, or any other form of paper play! 
And this vintage scalloped champagne clutch :} Wonderful for a gift for a bride, a mother of the bride or bridesmaid, especially as the wedding season is upon us... 
Then we have the pink ribbed clutch with the gorgeous enclosure... another great gift, but maybe for yourself? ;)
And of course, the lovely wristlet! Great for a night out with the girls or date-night with a special someone. :} It even has a sweet little pocket mirror for quick touch-ups.
& All of these will be loaded into the store THIS Thursday night at 11:59 pm (central time). So be ready to grab them quick!
Do you have a favorite one? Are you as excited about the paper packs as I am?
Have a wonderful Monday, my dear ones! xo,


  1. SO exciting! And very fun :) I can't wait for those adorable little packets!

  2. It all looks wonderful Zie, both the site and the goods for the shop. Well done!!

    xx Susie

  3. Awww its sooo beautiful! I love the website!! Congratulations on getting it started, you should be super proud of yourself!


  4. Ahh congrats on your website! It looks so good!


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