Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello Monday: Bedroom Progress

Happy Monday, my beautiful ones! I hope you are enjoying this holiday weekend! Everyone has been asking me for updates on my new place & I'm excited to say that today, I'll be sharing a little bit of my bedroom in progress. Yay! :}
I'm all unpacked and mostly decorated, but I still have to hang some things up & go get one or two more pieces of furniture. But as of right now, this is how it looks.
I love how warm and well lit it is! I really do feel like a princess in this room. Plus, it's the master bedroom in the place & I can honestly say I've never had a room this big before! And my own bathroom :} Love it. Though, I wish I had some more art and crafty things to put on my walls. My whole apartment lacks wall decorations. So if anyone knows of some SUPER cheap art or cute crafty things on Pinterest that they wanna share, send me links! :] 
Meanwhile, I know quite a few of you are dying to see the closet/studio space... I'll be sharing that soon, promise! Just got to add a few final touches :} 
But what do you think? And how do you decorate a space to make it soft and warm? 


  1. Your room looks like one from a magazine. Love it!!

  2. You've done a beautiful job! I don't have any real tips, even though I do think my home is warm. I think it's mainly because I've collected things I truly love over time, which is a long process requiring much patience.

  3. Oh I love it! You've done spectacular work of making it feel warm and inviting. =) Can't wait until I get the keys to my new house in two days and have my own chance to decorate!

  4. Oh Zie - would you come and re-design my house? plznthnx!

    Your room is so lovely and warm and whimsical and wonderful. :) Well done.

  5. I love the bookcase and the place in general looks very warm, nice room.

  6. You're room is so bright, it has a nice creative vibe.

  7. It's so cozy and girly! You did a really good job there. I moved into my new place in May and it still looks exactly the same...

  8. Ooh love it! Especially the lights- so comfy and soft looking! We're hoping to be moving into our own place here shortly and I can't wait to decorate!

  9. Your bedroom is so pretty! I'm such a fan of fairy lights!


  10. You've got great aesthetic! love everything!



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