Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello Monday: A Post About Post

Hello, my darlings! Did you have a lovely weekend? Mine wasn't bad at all. :} I love spending time with family. Especially since I don't get to see them half as much as I'd like anymore. But my niece & nephew promised to start writing me letters, as they're being home-schooled and it's now an assignment, ha! ;) And getting letters or pretty packages always makes me really happy & is a brilliant way to start the week, I feel. So with that in mind, I thought I would pop in and share some of my post with you all. 
This is a letter I actually got last night when I got home. Lots of lovely things going on inside & it was just one of the cutest letters I've gotten. And we're playing this game "Mail Tag"...(more on that later), but so fun! But it got me so excited & inspired that I quickly set out to make a reply. :}
I wanted to make an envelope from some scrap paper I had around & while you can easily download a template online somewhere, I use the Paper Source clear, plastic templates. It comes in a pack with all the standard sized envelopes & it's really easy to use. Just pick your paper, pick what size envelope you want (I went with an A2), lay it down to where you have the best layout & trace. Then there are little slots in it for you to take your bone-folder and score it so it folds easily. Done. Easy, peasy.
Now I'm not going to show you all the detail & the little bits that go in the letter, otherwise the lovely that  gets it won't be surprised! Heh, but I love this new paper my mom got me & I wanted to use it for something other than some little desk-notes that it was designed for. So here we are. 
What do you guys think? Do you snail-mail & have pen-pals? Do you do those really cool swap deals? & What are you doing to get your week going today? :} 
Hope you are well! xo


  1. You are my pen pal :) And getting letters from you is so lovely! This has inspired me to up my letter making skills :) I do have a letter to send you, hopefully I remember to do that soon :)

  2. I want to live inside your blog posts. So lovely :)

  3. Ooo I just wrote about paper source but I didn't see the envelope templates there! I'll have to check it out next time I'm there. =)

  4. I absolutely adore everything that I am seeing and reading in today's post! It's been so long since I've received an actual letter - you have definitely inspired me! And that mail tag is sweet - can't wait to hear more about it :)

  5. Yay! I love mail! I am very lucky to have a very creative and talented group of pen pals! I love those templates too!

    Speaking of mail, I just left the hospital again and will be working on your "Happy Mail" immediately!

    Thanks for your patience!

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous! I haven't had a pen pal in years.. This is making me want to start that up again!

  7. Ah, I am sending out letters to some of my readers this week. So glad I stumbled across this - I was having trouble coming up with a creative way to design them. Just gorgeous!

  8. Can Moms get in on this cute mail thing?


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