Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello Monday: What I've been up to!

Happy Monday, my sweet ones! Did you have a lovely weekend? Mine wasn't bad at all! Though, what I'm really excited about is the weather is FINALLY starting to cool off! Fall is coming! :} YAY! 
Meanwhile, with the giveaway going on & all these new readers popping up, I thought I would kind of introduce myself to them, while updating older readers at the same time :} 
So lately, I've been moving back to Nashville into my little place. Classes have started and I'm finally taking some of the more... intellectually challenging classes I've been missing. (I attend art school, which, while enormously lovely, sometimes lacks in the kind of learning that I miss.) 
But on my days off, I've been busy, busy, busy making things for Darling Dear & It's Paper Dear. As in the September boxes go out this week & you guys... I think you're gonna love it! :D 
But then, I've also been spending a lot of my time working on homework & doodling while watching tv or hanging out with my roommates. Because it's basically the only way I can have much of a social life right now. Work & play at the same time. & Thus far, I think I really like living that way, ;) 
And what about you, my darling ones? What have you been doing? Do you mix work & play or do you keep them separate? 
Hope the rest of your day is lovely! xo


  1. I always mix work and play! I think the key to being happy and productive is to really love what you do for work :)


  2. what app/program do you use to make these kind of photos? :)

  3. cute collage!! good luck with everything, I want to see the designs

  4. loving the snapshots! looks like you had a busy but fun week :) awesome post hun. XO


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