Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm bored.

Hello, my loves. I hope your week is going well thus far, as mine isn't bad at all :} 
But I'm here today not with something I'm wearing or what's in my bag or anything else that ends up on Wednesdays. Because I'm getting bored. And I say that because I feel like we are all friends here & we can be honest with each other. So I can honestly say, that I'm getting really bored with the "Hello Monday, What I ___ Wednesday, Illustration Friday, & Smashed on Sunday" 
I know, I know. It's probably not "smart" to change things up, but YOU GUYS. What is the point in everything being the same old, same old, allll of the time? Ok, we get it Zie. You're bored. 
So why not just completely change it, you ask? 

 Well, here's the catch. I still love illustration, fashion, paper, and playing around and showing you guys all of it. I like most of the content we are playing with, but I just... I don't know. I'm ready for a little more pizazz on Darling Dear. And I figure, if I'm kind of bored, then you guys must be really bored, haha.
 So what do we do? (And I say "we" because I do consider us all friends and I feel like this blog is an adventure we go on together and I don't want to change our plans without you!) But what do we do? How do we maybe keep some of the content and consistency but add a little more flare into it all?
And I'm genuinely asking what you think we should do, because as it stands right this minute, I have no idea. I don't want Darling Dear to ever become one of those blogs where the blogger doesn't include their readers in their decision process & considers those readers as "followers". Because what the heck is the point in that? That's even more boring vs what we are doing now. 
 I want to keep YOUR favorite content & mine. I want to keep the current blogging schedule as it works best for school. But otherwise, I'm open to new ideas. 
So if you could just answer a few questions for me, I think we can work this out & have some serious fun again! :} 
1. What is your favorite thing about Darling Dear? (content wise) 
2. Why do you like it? 
3. What is one thing on Darling Dear that you could more easily give up? 
4. What about that thing (content wise) makes it your least favorite? 
5. What would you like to see, learn more about, play with here on Darling Dear? (as far as paper things/craft things/fashion things/illustration things go) 
Thank you all who participate! I'm quite excited about the next chapter of Darling Dear :} 


  1. Yay for friends and yay for change!

    I personally love seeing your illustrations. They're like cuteness meets Tim Burton and I adore your style and seeing what you do with it. It's also great inspiration for me to get off my butt and get at drawing again! And honestly, though this isn't much critical help, I can't think of a feature I don't enjoy! Even your little "checking in"-type posts are simple and sweet, and I don't gloss over those posts like I end up doing on some other blogs.

    I'd love to see more crafty how-to's, and I love seeing glimpses of your paper things! :D

  2. Hey too bad you're bored with your blog, but maybe don't be too hung up on 'category' our uhm, standard 'features' on standard days and just post whatever you want?
    Personally I love to see your illustrations and outfits best!

    Angie || www,

  3. I like your illustration posts and when you did tours around your place. I also like when you show previews of the It's Paper Dear box for the month! I keep coming back to your blog because it's interesting and has a whimsical feel to it. I'll be sad if you do go but I'll understand.


  4. I love the what I wore posts and your illustration/class ones. They give us an insight into who you are and your creativity!

    I think the features on your It's Paper Dear suppliers are great. Maybe you could round up the blogs that have reviewed the boxes? And I liked your suggestion of sharing what can be made or what the box contents can be used for.

    Although you are bored - I'm not. through blogging, I've learnt that you should post what you love and there will always be someone out there who likes it :-)

  5. Ah, there's nothing I can tell you I'd like to see less of, but I will say please don't get rid of Illustration Friday or Smashed on Sunday. They're my favorites!


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