Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Glasses & A Little Bad Hair Glam

You guys! My new glasses finally came in the mail! I have been meaning to try some of these online glasses shops & I'm completely in love with the idea of cheap or free glasses... But sadly, I have this online-shopping fear. If I don't know someone who has ordered from a company before & LOVED it, I can't do it. 
So when I went home, back to Knoxville, a week or so ago, I stopped by this little cheap-o glasses shop. Sadly, they don't have a huge selection. But when I found these frames, they were actually for sunglasses and the lovely gent that owns the place let me switch them to regular glasses. (which, apparently, as long as the frames are plastic, you can easily do, just FYI.) 
But they came in Monday night & I love them. I can barely tell they're on & it's so nice to give my poor eyes a break from contacts. Plus they go with everything I wear, hah! Though, I'm thinking about adding some dazzles ;) (Would you love me if I didn't, haha?)
And I'm also wearing my new favorite hair goodie from ModCloth, which I think the combo is just super fun & makes any bleh-hair day much better. :}
Do you have a favorite combo or secret weapon to glam up a bad hair day? & Have you ordered from any of those free glasses places? Did you like it? 
Meanwhile, I hope you're having a fabulous week thus far! xo,


  1. My glasses are from warby parker, they are the ones who let you try out 5 pairs at home for a week for free! it's the most fun. I just love that company. And yes! Agree with your hair idea. I usually use bandanas. I saw in Birchbox a while back they had the hair wraps like you have and was sooo jealous I didn't get one! Leah @ Lovely Life of Leah

  2. So cute! Cat-eyes almost make me wish I had glasses. Almost;)
    And these really look great on you!

  3. oooh, they look so cute on you! Love how they turned out.
    I might get the pair I tried, and these. Ha.

  4. Super cute glasses, I am loving the cat eye trend and I wish I could pull it off with glasses but I cant. You definitely can and look fab! :)

    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  5. Love the glasses! Yes, I agree, they definitely need sparkle! I would love a pair like this, even though I don't need glasses :)

  6. Those glasses are gorgeous!


  7. Absolutely love your new glasses!

  8. I'm in the same boat with online glasses. Clothes online is fine, but something about prescription glasses over the internet terrifies me. For how cheap I hear they are, it's almost not worth getting upset over if they don't work, but I still like to go in and try on frames in person. Yours are adorable, by the way! Who knew you could just switch them out!!


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